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Suggestions near Woodland Park Zoo?

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Going to explore the Woodland Park Zoo. Any good restaurants in the area?


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  1. Two of my favorite restaurants are mere blocks south of the Zoo; Swingside Cafe and Paseo, across the street from each other on Fremont Avenue.

    Northwest of the Zoo is Carmelita and the Stalk Exchange.

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      Stumbling Goat Bistro is great and right down the street. Get there before the chef moves on.


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        I'll second Paseo: the grilled pork sandwich, roasted turkey sandwich, jerk chicken, rice and beans, and rice pudding are all amazing!

        1. re: steve

          Just found out the rice pudding has been discontinued. :(

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            I think the decision to discontinue the rice pudding deserves direct action. Short of sending Lorenzo Lorenzo a bag of rice, I can't imagine what it might be, though...

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              If a course of action occurs to you, let us know so that we can line up behind you.

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                I agree ordering my " midnight cuban sandwich"with " Black Beans and Rice" plus "Rice Pudding" is one of my favorite take out meals. better then Kozy Shack Rice Pudding and more convienient.

      2. It's certainly not fancy but Red Mill Burgers are at the top of my list when I'm in the area.

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          Or Kidd Valley, @ 50th & Stone Way

        2. Santa Fe Cafe is on Phinney about north of the zoo---I haven't been to this location in years, but I used to like it.
          74th Street Alehouse is a little further up if you're in the mood for high-quality pub food with a decent selection of local beers.

          1. The Kabab House, tucked into a strip mall at about 83rd and Greenwood, is quite tasty and very inexpensive.

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              Absolutely Roger that Kebab House. In fact, I will be in Seattle for one night tonight, and that's the one place I plan to go. (If I were there two nights, also Malay Satay Hut; three nights, Harvest Vine; four nights, I don't have a clue.)

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                And so I went to Seattle and went to the Kabab House, and must report that the owner/operator is no longer there ("He went to Canada"), nor is the main cook ("He retired"), nor is anyone else recognizable from the former staff. The menu is the same, right down to the handwriting on the wall board, but the food is not as good. it's still tasty and worth a visit, but it USED to be -- IMHO -- as good as any food in Seattle. No more. Sigh.

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                  Thank's for the update. I stopped going reguarly after noticing it was posted as being for sale on the internet. was pretty good when owner operated.

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                    Actually the owner is still there. They moved in to a new building.

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                  Tasty, yes, but also veeeeeerrrrrryyyyyy sssslllloooooooow. We went a couple years ago and ordered roti and I swear they acted like they had never heard of anyone wanting food there before! Took them forever to mill around pulling stuff together. If I want to wait that long for food I'm going somewhere with beer.

                3. The Kabab House, tucked into a strip mall at about 83rd and Greenwood, is quite tasty and very inexpensive.

                  1. I hear the zebra is nice! (Just kidding!)

                    1. Try Fremont Classic, for dinner. Great Italian. Commitment to great food served for "real" appetites. Really wonderful food. Loved by the neighborhood locals. And a Great Chef (my brother). It is on Fremont and 43rd. Really convenient to the zoo. See the link below if my family connection casts doubt!

                      Link: http://www.thestranger.com/2001-08-09...

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                        If the chef is really your brother, could you prevail on him to resume baking his amazing bread? My wife and I have never had garlic bread better than FC's on that dense, moist, crusty loaf, and we miss it desperately!


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                          Yes, he really is my brother, and I oriented him to these posts. However, I don't have much influence over him in the kitchen, which is likely for the best, given his wonderful talent and my considerably less amount of talent! It is true that I always love his food, and always have, he is the best cook I have ever known and I consider myself a true chowhound who sniffs out the smaller, truely wonderful places wherever I go.

                      2. two places that i'm surprised haven't been suggested both very convienient to the zoo that i patronize often are the "Tokyo Gardens" for sushi, family style japanesse and Korean dishes at reasonable prices and my favorite vegeterian restaurant "Carmelita" at 7314 Greenwood Avenue North. It's interesting all the nice places to eat almost everywhere around Seattle.

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                          I'm not familiar with Tokyo Gardens. Where is it? Maybe I have driven past it 100 times without even noticing.......

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                            Lauren:"Tokyo Gardens" is located at 6012 Phinney North.

                        2. Swingside and Paseo for sure.
                          Within a mile is Art of the Table.
                          We've enjoyed the mezze at Gorgeous George's on Greenwood.
                          Szechau cuisine on 85th once had a good hot pot. Though they morphed into 7-Stars Pepper and moved and moved, the original at 85th may still be good. Not too far from there (@100th and Aurora) is Szechuan Bean Flower, where I had VERY spicy beef-strips (wow).