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Jun 17, 2004 01:48 PM

Where can I get good live lobsters in Chicago?

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There must be someplace in Chicago (not Dominick's or Jewel) where I can get live lobsters but I don't know where. Are any of the mail order places any good?

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  1. If you want a bunch, it would be hard to beat mail order. I've brought back Maine lobsters from the east coast and I'm sure it cost me more than $35 for one over 1.5 lbs. You can get 4 large (1.65 lbs) for $110 delivered to Chicago from which sure seems like a pretty good deal.

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    1. re: Bob G
      Chef Roger Greene

      I always get my live Maine lobsters at the Sea World Food Market just a bit west of the el at 1130 W. Argyle St.(773-334-5335) in the Southeast Asia restaurant row there. Matthew Chan is the owner. They also have live dungeness crabs. You may have to avert your eyes as one of the mongers hacks a buffalo fish in half with one stroke with the biggest cleaver I've ever seen, but saving about $4.00/pound for big sweet Maine lobsters definitely sweetens that deal. They do speak English and will fish out a female for you(bigger tails, you know). They can't be beat on price anywhere in Chicagoland. Go for the adventure. They might be closed on Mondays, so check to see if they are open. I have saved a bundle for the big crustaceans there; it's a Chicago hidden jem.

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      Holly of Uptown

      Fox & Obel has them. I've only tasted one and it was good. I've also seen them at Dirk's; have never gotten one there, but have been happy with everything I have.

      Fox & Obel
      401 E. Illinois

      2070 N. Clybourn

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      1. re: Holly of Uptown

        I second both these recs. Esp. Dirks - I *love* that place.

      2. Dirk's Fish market immediately comes to mind. I haven't purchased lobster from them, but I know they have them. Everything I have ever purchased there has been excellent. I expect the lobster is, as well.

        On a semi-related note, they have been getting sockeye salmon from the Copper River in last few weeks - very good stuff.

        They are located at approx 2000 N Clyborn, in the same shop center as pier 1 and Men's Warehouse.

        1. If you are not limited to the city, Supreme Lobster in Villa Park is probably the largest purveyor in Chicagoland. Also good (and fun) to visit are two stores close to one another in Addison on Lake Street-Caputo's on the north side of the street, Food Harbor on the south. Both are less than a mile or two east of I355-290.

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          1. re: MLS

            I've always been pleased with Supreme,

            Don't forget to print off their 10% discount coupon and take it with you to the store!!, link below.


          2. If you can make it out to Lake Barrington try Diamond Seafood. Was there last week and they had beautiful lobsters (active/healty) in the case. Diamond Seafood's store is a retail outlet for a wholesale supplier. Always good stuff - has started me cooking fish because of the quality.