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Jun 16, 2004 06:34 PM

Looking for Uygur food

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I recently took a trip to China and had Uygur cuisine. This is food from Xinjiang province (in the far west of China). Because Xinjiang borders Pakistan, the food is an interesting mix of Chinese with Pakistani/Central Asian influences. Does anyone know of ANY restaurants that either serve this cuisine or even a couple dishes? If so, could you email me or post here? Thanks!

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  1. Man, I woke up today craving some xinjiang street food. Damn- Chicago has just about every good but this one lol!!

    1. Jibek Jolu is probably your best bet:

      Their lagman is an Uyghur dish.

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      1. re: ferret

        Thanks for the quick reply! I actually found that restaurant soon after my chow post. Looks really cool and unique! Will def try soon. Can't wait to see how the lagman (Gan ban mien) compares to the ones I had on the streets of shanghai served by my Uyguhr buddies!

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          the noodles at Jibek Jlou were pretty disappointing...

        2. 8 years later, OP finally got a response. ;)

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            Does Uyghr Food Consist of a a lot of lamb? I always wondered what a dish like for example Mongolian Beef would taste like with lamb.

            Is Tibetan food close to Uyghr food? Maybe you can find a Tibetan place in Chicago?

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              Yes mostly mutton... delicious flavorful lamb or mutton (difference is after a year old - it is mutton) - i am sure mongolian lamb would be good! Tibetan food is not so close to Uyghur cuisine. The Himalayan cuisine of Tibet is influenced greatly by their climate and difficulty to grow much produce... but both cuisines utilize lamb... while Tibetan may use Yak more. (dryer than beef -- not my fav)
              Ultimately, the influence of Chinese cuisine and flavors has a whole lot to do with both Uyghur and Tibetan, and their cross culture flavors... perhaps this is the reason why it is so damn good!

              1. re: Chicago Quills

                I don't know if this is would be a good substitute but the Himalyan is Nepalese-Indian. The original is in Niles at Milwaukee & Golf next to IL Driver's Services. They also have 2 other locations now.