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What ever happended to Capizzi's on North

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I remeber growing up going to Capizzi's on North Avenue near the suburb of Oak Park. Their pizza was the best pizza ever - like Armand's but better.

Anyone know what happened to it and whether there is a derivative anywhere?

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  1. I, too, grew up on Capizzi's. Couldn't count how many pizzas I ate there. For a short while after they closed you could get their pizzas at Jumbo Jim's, around Grand and Damen. Then that, too, closed, and I don't think they're anywhere else. I'd kill for a sausage pizza; one piece on each little square. And the sauce was so good.

    If anyone ever comes across a pizza that's close to theirs, please let me know.

    For now, it's just a memory.

    P.S. Remember Lavergne?

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      I had a sudden craving and wondered what would come up if I did a search. Sounds like I found a kindred pizza spirit. (Of course I remember Lavergne!)
      No pizza comes close. The sauce was the key, I think. I found Aurelio's in Oakbrook Terrace to be as close as possible. They have a pretty good sauce. No matter where we lived, we would drive to Capizzi's. Pizza. Everywhere else was a disappointment. It was fun to find someone else who agrees. Too bad there isn't a clue to where the recipe went. Is there a family member out there?

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        I miss Capizzi's also. I was a fan of Steve's Pizza on Pulaski near Division which also featured great thin crust pizza and closed long ago. Will try Aurelio's, but the closest I came to Capizzi's is a pizza joint in Milwaukee called Zaffiro's. If you are ever up there, check it out. You won't be disappointed. I wish it was closer. Ciao.

    2. There are tears welling up reading this link.....my family and i talk about Capizzi's all the time! I think when people think thin crust, they have no idea how thin their crust was, and that the cut squares were 2 by 2 with a piece of sausage on each piece!! HEAVEN!! I have now replaced my love for that pizza with Villa Nova, extra crispy with sausage. Not the same, but pretty close.

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        Hallelujah! What you're looking at is the closest thing to a Capizzi's pizza that we've had in a long, long time. It's from Lo-Lo's in Elmwood Park. Turns out their pizza maker, Jeff, used to work at Jumbo John's on Grand, and, if you're a Capizzi's fan, you know that's where you could get their pizzas from after the restaurant near North & Austin closed. It's the same sweet-tasting sauce and of course the one piece of sausage per slice. Try this place out if you need a Capizzi's fix.

      2. I grew up with Capizzi's! My Aunt Fran and Uncle Louie! I miss and love the whole family! Gone from Chicago for over 40 years, I so miss the food and great people of Chicago!!!!!!!