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Jun 6, 2004 08:34 AM

What ever happended to Capizzi's on North

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I remeber growing up going to Capizzi's on North Avenue near the suburb of Oak Park. Their pizza was the best pizza ever - like Armand's but better.

Anyone know what happened to it and whether there is a derivative anywhere?

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  1. I, too, grew up on Capizzi's. Couldn't count how many pizzas I ate there. For a short while after they closed you could get their pizzas at Jumbo Jim's, around Grand and Damen. Then that, too, closed, and I don't think they're anywhere else. I'd kill for a sausage pizza; one piece on each little square. And the sauce was so good.

    If anyone ever comes across a pizza that's close to theirs, please let me know.

    For now, it's just a memory.

    P.S. Remember Lavergne?

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      I had a sudden craving and wondered what would come up if I did a search. Sounds like I found a kindred pizza spirit. (Of course I remember Lavergne!)
      No pizza comes close. The sauce was the key, I think. I found Aurelio's in Oakbrook Terrace to be as close as possible. They have a pretty good sauce. No matter where we lived, we would drive to Capizzi's. Pizza. Everywhere else was a disappointment. It was fun to find someone else who agrees. Too bad there isn't a clue to where the recipe went. Is there a family member out there?

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        I miss Capizzi's also. I was a fan of Steve's Pizza on Pulaski near Division which also featured great thin crust pizza and closed long ago. Will try Aurelio's, but the closest I came to Capizzi's is a pizza joint in Milwaukee called Zaffiro's. If you are ever up there, check it out. You won't be disappointed. I wish it was closer. Ciao.

    2. There are tears welling up reading this family and i talk about Capizzi's all the time! I think when people think thin crust, they have no idea how thin their crust was, and that the cut squares were 2 by 2 with a piece of sausage on each piece!! HEAVEN!! I have now replaced my love for that pizza with Villa Nova, extra crispy with sausage. Not the same, but pretty close.

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        Hallelujah! What you're looking at is the closest thing to a Capizzi's pizza that we've had in a long, long time. It's from Lo-Lo's in Elmwood Park. Turns out their pizza maker, Jeff, used to work at Jumbo John's on Grand, and, if you're a Capizzi's fan, you know that's where you could get their pizzas from after the restaurant near North & Austin closed. It's the same sweet-tasting sauce and of course the one piece of sausage per slice. Try this place out if you need a Capizzi's fix.

      2. I grew up with Capizzi's! My Aunt Fran and Uncle Louie! I miss and love the whole family! Gone from Chicago for over 40 years, I so miss the food and great people of Chicago!!!!!!!

        1. I just cam across this and started to feel both sad and good. My Mother(Bessie) work for Lou and Fran for over 45 years. What a great time growing up in the neighborhood. I remember at Lovett school that all the teachers wanted the number to call for lunch. The best ever was the pizza sausage sandwich. What a great memory from the past. Too bad we can't have it again. We lived next door and became good friends with the Capizzi's. Unfortunately Lou and Fran are gone now. Probably cooking for the big guy.