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May 21, 2004 03:05 PM

Fish Fry in Western Suburbs

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Well, it's Friday again and that means just one thing to husband.... Friday Night Fish Fry!! Does anyone have any suggestions for a good fish fry in the west/far west suburbs?? I'm really burnt out on the places we usually go.... Village Tavern, River Bend, Country House, Mack's Golden Pheasant (although the $1 for any tap beer here sure is inviting!). Thanks!

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  1. If Joliet is within your compass, try the East Side Knights of Columbus, 1813 E. Cass St., immediately west of Pilcher Park. Exit I-80 at Briggs, go north on Briggs about a mile to Cass, turn right (east) onto Cass, and look within a block for the K of C signs on the north side of Cass. Be careful driving uphill toward the building. Hours are about 11 to 9; phone is 815-723-3827. The fried chicken is good, too. Have fun.

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      Hank Baldpate

      Bailey's in Elmhurst had a good one growing up. I haven't been there in, uh, like 15 years, but what could change about fish fry?

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        Have you tried Little Owl in Geneva? On the corner of Ill. Rte 31 and Ill. Rte 38 in the downtown, it has been in business 50+ years, has decent food and in a quaint setting.

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          dashboard diner

          Lately been going to fish fry at Village
          Tavern In Schaumburg and happy with it,
          get the twice baked potatoe as an
          alternative. Good batter fried fish by
          my standards. Give us a little run down
          on the other joints your burnt out on.
          All batter fried? Any give you potatoe

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            Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you on this.... (all of these are AUCE). Here goes!

            1) Mack's Golden Pheasant @ North & Rt. 83 in Elmhurst - you can get either beer-battered or breaded (the breaded is somewhat better here). $8?? Another plus is that all draft beer is $1 on Fridays (Wednesdays too) and they've got a good selection to choose from.

            2) Curly's on Pennsylvania Ave. in Glen Ellyn.... little bar/restaurant - outside area with TV. Redfish with what else but Curly Fries for about $6. Sometimes has entertainment after 9:00.

            3) Boughton Ridge Golf Course on Boughton in Bolingbrook. 9-hole golf course restaurant - fish is good & hand-breaded on the premises - $8-9. You don't have to ask for additional portions - they walk around with a basket of hot fish and refill your plate. If you're not planning on eating the fish (which I don't), there's not much else on the menu.

            4) Flaherty's on Main St. in Lombard. Typical divey smokey bar - 3 types of fish - the only one I can remember is the cajun redfish. Pretty good. $6??

            I know there's been more, but these are the ones that are coming to mind right now. Hope this gives you some new ideas!

          2. e
            Earl Walendowski

            Looking for a place that has perch and something for my 6 year old and my wife who don't like fish frys. Restaurant must not be smokey. Some where around Naperville. Please advise. Thanks.