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May 21, 2004 07:30 AM

Looking for grocery stores near the L lines

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Have to dine and shop alone for the upcoming 3 months. Would really like to know about grocery stores accessible by the L trains. I live near the Forest Park station.

I can walk to Whole Foods in River Forest and haul the grocery back, or go to Chinatown or Argyle on the Red line. But I'd like more choices along the L, esp. Blue and Red. A regular Jewel or Dominick's will do. Many thanks! =)

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  1. Here are a couple off the top of my head.

    There's a Jewel essentially underneath the Roosevelt stop on the Orange/Green lines, and it's a half block from the Roosevelt stop on the Red line -- convenient if you are coming back from Chinatown?

    The Treasure Island on Elm is a short block south of the Red line stop at Clark and Division.

    The Gold Coast Whole Foods is about two blocks south of the Chicago stop on the Red Line.

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    1. re: Amata

      there is a jewel at grand and state red line stop. i've found hauling too many groceries on the L to be a huge pain (mainly in my back and fingers). for the majority of our groceries my wife and i have been using pretty reliable.

      1. re: dez

        Thanks a lot for the replies!
        These should be more than enough. =)

        I usually haul the groceries on my backpack. Since I live near the train station, it should be okay. And if not, the Samsonite pullman isn't doing anything in my closet.

        Thought about, too. But decided not to give up the fun of poking watermelons at the supermarket.

        Thanks again!

    2. Opinions may differ (otherwise why would we have chowhound?) but I'm very fond of Pan's Foods, just half a block north of the Oak Park Ave stop on the blue. Nothing fancy, but they have real butchers working, and I think their meats are significantly better than what I can get at Jewel at a fraction of what they'd cost at Whole Foods. They also always have ground lamb, which isn't always easy to find and I use a lot to make my own kefta kabobs. Plus homemade Italian sausage.
      You may also want to keep in mind that they do a significant delivery business, so you don't have the lug the turkey and the case of beer home on the el if it feels like it's just too much, or you can call in your order and they'll do the shopping for you too. I have to say I'm also delighted to give my business to a merchant who doesn't make me give up my privacy to get his sale prices.

      Pans Food Center
      820 S. Oak Park Ave
      Oak Park, IL
      708 848 1340

      1. On the red line it's almost hard to find a stop without an adjacent grocery:

        Thorndale has a huge Dom's within a block or so.
        Berwyn has a Jewel.
        Argyle has the whole strip there.
        Fullerton has a Dominicks next to it.
        Clark and Division has either Jewel or Dom's right there, I forget which, but it's massive.
        North is 3-4 blocks from Whole Foods.

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        1. re: Mrbarolo
          Shannon Clark

          A few additions.

          North ave Red is even more importantly, just a couple of blocks south of Trader Joes. (in my opinion Trader Joes is one of the best shopping values in Chicago at the moment)

          Also, don't forget Chicago Food the Korean supermarket which is not too far from the blue line, I've taken the El there and was pleased with it, though it was a bit of a longish hike in the wintertime.


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            ...there is a good Jewel and The People's Market (AKA Wild Oats) equidistant from the Dempster and Main St. El stops - or, take the Metra from Main St., if that's convenient for where your ultimate destination is. I like PM a lot - cheaper than Whole Foods, much easier to navigate, and a great selection - especially the cheese, takeaway, fish, and baked goods departments. The people who work there are really sweet, too. Nice place. Reminds me of the old Fresh Fields store on Ridge Road.