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May 19, 2004 03:20 PM

Best Pan-Fried Lake Perch

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Grew up on the South Side in the Fifties and am headed back to Chicago with my wife for the 50th Reunion of my high school class. We're planning to hit Topolobampo again for their wonderful take on Mexican food. (There's no such thing as good Mexican food in Boston).

But whenever I reminisce about "going out to eat" as a kid -- always a very special event in those days -- I think of driving out to Whiting and going through several all-you-can-eat platters of fabulous lake perch at Phil Smidt's. Are they still in business? Is there another good place for pan-fried lake perch that Chicago Hounds like? We'll be staying in Hyde Park, will have a car, are looking for a place that's open for lunch on Sunday, and must catch a plane back home at five in the afternoon. Many thanks.

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  1. Phil Smidt's is wide open.

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      Yes, Phil Smidt’s is open but the word is they may be moving. Depending on when you visit you might want to give them a call just to be sure. I believe they open at 1pm on Sunday. Don’t forget to stop at Calumet Fisheries (95th at the River; open at 10am on Sunday) to pick up some smoked shrimp!


    2. Best pan fried chicken and seafood in Chicagoland area is Lee's Carry Out established in 1959. Location is now in Calumet City and originated in East Chicago.

      1. Holy reincarnated post, Batman! 11 years - is that a record?