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Mar 22, 2004 04:09 PM

Northwest side Mexican

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Hi all,

Just moved to Norwood Park on the northwest side from the greener pastures (at least as regards cheap and good Mexican food)of Bucktown, and I'm looking for some good storefront take-out Mexican food in the area.

thanks for your help.

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  1. d
    dashboard diner

    Yeah, so am I. Been here 4 years.
    In the mean time Mateo's is a fine moderate
    sit down restaurant that treats it's
    customers very well. Get the carne asada
    diner, combo appetizer plate.IMO the ground
    beef tacos are a mess.
    6815 West Montrose Ave
    Harwood Heights

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    1. re: dashboard diner

      I agree. Mateo's is one of the best places for mexican food I've found, and the carne asada is great, along with the enchiladas. And don't forget your free shot at the end of your dinner meal.

    2. Storefront takeout Mexican is for the most part nonexistant out in that neck of the woods.Try Don Juan's in Edison Park.The food is consistently good,and always fresh.Nice selection of Tequilas as well.

      Don Juan's
      6730 Northwest Hwy.

      1. Can we update this? Any new suggestions in this neck of the woods? Forget Hay Carumba in Park Ridge. Don Juans is okay (bad salsa) as is Maria's in Rosemont. I used to love Lindo Mexico in Logan Square/Lincoln Ave. Looking for good enchiladas etc.

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        1. re: twodales

          My favorite is Las Caszuelas on Elston, just north of Lawrence. Great specials, and a wonderful mole that I crave. They also pour the best margarita I've had in Chicago.

          1. re: choppcs

            I second the Las Caszuelas recommendation. I would also like to toss out a newcomer to the area. Tanzitaro at 6075 N. Milwaukee Avenue. They recently opened and serve Mexican and Guatemalan food. The restaurant has undergone many differnent owners/cusines over the past 8 years (that I know of) but this place seems to be picking up many new customers. The owners and servers are friendly, and the food is great. They are improving in looks as the go along, but I am sticking by them.

            I think that they are just as good as Las Caszuelas, and better than Don Juans.