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Mar 13, 2004 12:20 PM

Abundance Bakery Apple Fritter

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Thanks ever so much for posting the Abundance Bakery recommendation, the Apple Fritters were wonderful and, as you said, huge. How can a fellow resist going to a bakery that has apple fritters "the size of a Jaguar hubcap"

I got there at 6am, just as Bill Ball, the owner, was unlocking the door, which I thought might be a bad sign, until I realized there was a baker in back. Bill was very friendly, even let me in the back to take a few pictures, though he did make coffee before conversing, this is a man who has his priorities straight.

I thought the apple fritter excellent, real apple, not overly sweet, some crisp edges, good texture and a faint flavor of real butter. This is a very good apple fritter. That said, I prefer Old Fashioned's Apple Fritter. Old Fashioned's apple fritter could be custom designed for my taste. I'll link to a past Old Fashioned Donut post where I waxed poetic about their Apple Fritters.

All in all Abundance Bakery's Apple Fritter is excellent, the second best apple fritter I have had in the last 20-years, and the second best in Chicago, which a quick yahoo yellow pages search shows has, at least, 441 bakeries.

Thanks again Paul.


Abundance Bakery
105 E 47th St
Chicago, IL 60653

Owner of Abundance with tray of Apple Fritters (two rows on left) and Cinnamon Rolls (row on right)



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  1. We missed each other by about an hour. I was there this morning to order a cake for a wedding shower and grabbed a 1/2 doz. donuts on the way ($2.99 and quite a bargain indeed). I prefer the cakes over the glazed, if you should go back again. Great pix, too.

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    1. re: Paul Mollica


      Abundance is very good and the fact that it is a heck of a lot easier to get to than Old Fashioned almost insures it will get my business. A close second in apple fritter, at least to my taste, in a city like Chicago is pretty darn good.

      I have to admit looking at the picture I just posted of Abundance's apple fritter made me drool like one of Pavlov's puppies. Traffic should not be too bad on a Saturday. (smile)


      Abundance Bakeries Apple Fritter


      1. re: G Wiv

        It is truly criminal that you post such mouth-watering images for someone like myself to come across on a Saturday evening, long after the time of day when an epic, warm, fresh apple fritter would be available from any of the local temples of baked or fried sweet dough. Damn that looks delicious!

        1. re: Chino Wayne


          Call ahead if you are considering a Sunday foray. I was there on a Sunday midafternoon with Gary a few weeks ago, no dice the place was closed. It doesn't mean they don't have Sunday hours, they may simply close much earlier than expected.


          1. re: Cathy2


            Abundance is closed on Sunday, though well worth a visit on Monday, or any day of the week, for that matter.


            Abundance Bakery
            105 E. 47th. St.
            Chicago, IL
            M-F 6am-6pm
            S 7am-6pm
            Sunday Closed

            Abundance Bakery


            1. re: G Wiv

              What's the meaning of "Tobacco Road" in the address?

              1. re: m'th'su

                A little history courtesy of the Chicago Reader. (Since the article was written, unfortunately, Lou Rawls withdrew his participation from the development of the district and Geri's Palm has closed. There's a giant, new unoccupied arts center at King and 47th and some stray signs on the lamp posts.)


              2. re: G Wiv

                Not that I'm calling for a return of the Blue Laws, but I find it charming in the internet-24/7 era, when even Christian bookstores stay open on Sundays, a few merchants are willing to give up one day's worth of business a week.

                Top Notch Beefburgers never flings a patty on Sundays, either, by the way.

                1. re: Paul Mollica

                  Everyone deserves a day off once in a while.

                  1. re: Steve Z

                    If'n you can't make it in six you ain't gonna get there in seven, so they say in my hometown where everything shuts down on Sundays. The local beer bar (no hard alcohol anytime) recently caused an uproar by opening on Sundays.


      2. Gary

        Looks like a great way to fritter away a saturday morning


        1. You know, I stopped by Old Fashioned on Friday morning for a fritter. I'd been craving one ever since experiencing the delicious sample Josh brought to the bourbon tasting. Now I'm wondering how much of my fritter delight was just the bourbon. Don't get me wrong, the fritter was still good, but at 8:30 am was already starting to taste a bit tired and was more dry and dense than I would have expected. Worse, it seemed to have far fewer apples than I recalled--the saturation of that first fritter with large chunks of fresh apple was its most impressive quality. The disappointing fritter, however, was redeemed by an absolutely heavenly blueberry donut. My anticipation for this treat was heightened when, upon request, the friendly counter-woman said she didn't think they had any, only to stop, check, and inform me, well, looks like they just came out of the fryer. Oh boy. A marvel of a donut, the best I've had in years (but I think a good donut is hard to find in this town)--a combination of the moist, cakey, deliciousness of a fresh-baked blueberry muffin and the hot fried glazed crispiness of the best donuts. Absolutely delightful.
          The plain glazed was unmemorable. I should add that the whole vibe of the place was great--the hand-crafting of donuts by the lone donut artist visible through the front window, a handful of tables populated (seating limited to 20 minutes please) by presumed regulars, and a steady flow of patrons on an otherwise mostly dead at that hour stretch of south Michigan Avenue. Worth the long detour on my way from Woodridge back to downtown.

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          1. re: Aaron D

            I agree that the openness of the store, the curved store front, the beat-up vinyl stools, and the activity at all hours makes it worth a visit all on its own (though the grilled food on the other side of the counter is best ignored). As far as the fritter was concerned, it comes with the chow territory that there will be some days that are better than others (and if we wanted perfect consistency, there's always the franchises!), a point I think you illustrate very well with your blueberry donut experience.

            And I don't even like donuts all that much, BTW.

          2. Of the good from Abundance Bakery I've tried (apple fritter, caramel upside down cupcake, banana pudding, peach cobbler), the peach cobbler is far and away the best thing. The crust is buttery and strong (but not hard), soaked in the deliciously spiced glaze and swamped with peaches. The syrupy glaze is so good that I dipped some of the (rather dry) cupcake in it! The other items were good but overwhelmingly sweet and uninspired. However, I kept going back to the peach cobbler for more and more.