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Mar 11, 2004 08:38 PM

I need Whole Fried Catfish

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Who's got the best whole fried catfish?

Preferably north side, but I will travel.

Doesn't have to be fancy - sitdown, Mom and Pop homey food will do.

I've only sampled whole cat in one place, and that was Davis St. Fish Market in Evanston. Awfully good!!

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  1. I love whole catfish.

    Don't know about the North Side, but on the South Side:

    The Harold's Fried Chicken on the corner of 10259 S Halsted. Not all Harold's have it. In fact, most don't. It's very good.

    And Dixie Kitchen in Hyde Park on 5225 S Harper. Cajun Lite. You can get one little fishie or two little fishies. Sit down place and much better atmosphere. The sides are good, too. Run you about 10 bucks. Highly recommended.

    I would have gone there last night if I hadn't ended up at Army & Lou's for short ribs.

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    1. re: Chrislrob

      Dixie Kitchen has an Evanston location:

      Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop
      825 Church St., Evanston IL 60201


    2. Boy, I'm a fan of the whole fried cat myself. Middle and southern Illinois and Indiana are lousy with places where you can get a platter of smalls, mediums, or larges. (One place, South of Lafayette is renowned, but I cant remember the name.) Anyway, here in Chicago, Oprah's old restaurant, eclectic, used to make a killer asian/soul fusion whole fried cat. Certainly, none of this helps you. I would look around Argyle, where the catfish and deep-fat frying are revered. On the same subject, anyone see the recent Mayor Daley Propoganda Show, or whatever it's called on cable, featuring the dreaded Asian Carp, which came to our shores to eat weeds in the ponds and streams of Florida, Mississippi, etc., then started moving up rivers like the Big Muddy. Anyway, we're trying to keep these monsters out of the Great Lakes with an electrical field in the sanitary canal.

      The otherwise dead-serious show ends on a zany note: the host heads down to Dragon Court in Chinatown with a Japanese film crew (here for a documentary) and a 4-foot long carp. The whole thing gets battered and deep-fried, covered with sweet n' sour, and served to the party. The hosts ends by saying that, if the fish do invade Lake Michigan, at least we're in for some good eatin.' It did look tasty. (P.S., I know carp are readily available in Asian places around town, including live, and they are closely related to catfish.)

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      1. re: JeffB

        Redlight does a pretty killer asian style/sweet & sour whole fried catfish.

      2. Okay, I think you should try Bon Ton Diner in Bainbridge. It's on W of Indy on 36, past Avon and Danville..... Really worth the drive. We have All U Can Eat fried whole catfish dinners for $11.00 every Friday and Saturday nights. Yes, it's a small mom & pop diner but lots of good comments......

        1. I'm pretty sure that El Barco on Ashland near Division has whole fried catfish. I know they have whole fried snapper.