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Feb 28, 2004 10:11 AM

the best mexican food around town!

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La Chicanita is the best mexican restraunt. I have been going since I was little. You have to try the cheese dip. Located in Arlington Heights- downtown area. Let me know if you agree!

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  1. They're OK, but I haven't considered them great enough to write about.

    They're one of the beter I've found in the burbs for 'classic' mex-american: tacos, burritos, chimichangas, etc. Heavy, greasy. Salsa's pretty good.

    But most of the small taquerias server better tacos, and places like San Gabriel in Bannockburn ("Bannockburn?" I hear you cry. Yes, Bannockburn), or Don Juan in Edison Park serve better 'fancy' mex.

    Other places I've preferred outside of the fancy-shmancy places downtown: Lalo's on Waukegan in Glenview (great soup!), Taqueria Los Comales (all over the place, excellent tortas). The place I truly miss is Los Magueyes in Evanston in the '80s and early '90s. Salsa to die for (loads of garlic and cilantro), crisp-edged chiles rellenos, rich mole.

    1. Hey, Andrea, just saying it is the best does not add much to the dialogue. Perhaps you can say what it is that makes you think it is the best, and what one should order if ones goes.

      Personally, I am quite partial to ByBys in West Chicago because I can get Huitlacoche, Flor de Calabaza and Tlayudas, but I am not sure that there is one place I would call the best. It would be hard to compare La Quebrada, ByBys, and Chilpancingo for instance as the food and style of each place is so different. Sort of depends on what one is in the mood for.


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        Where is ByBy's? I will be in Warrenville tonight so just a hop over to WC, and looking for chow ideas for din.


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          sorry to be late on this flip. it is on Washington street just east of the railroad tracks, south side of the street. might be across from the library, or some old, larger bulding.

          ( 630 ) 562 - 1710


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            Laura Malesky

            Well, I hopped on the board to find an authentic mexican place in the western suburbs for tonite and this sounds like it's perfect!!

            A couple of questions:

            1) What's the atmosphere and more importantly, 2) do they serve alcohol??

            Muchos Gracias!!

      2. j
        John Riordan

        Ixcapuzalco of North Milwaukee is my favorite. I lived in Oaxaca, MX for two years, and the food in Southern Mexico is very distinct, lots of dishes have amazing preparations that can take up to two days. These guys have the best moles in the city, hands down, and the only place I've had Coloradito the way I remember it, almost like gravy. It's pricey, but worth it. The moles are daily, so call to find out which they're serving that day. Lots of tquilas, but go native - no self-respecting Campesino would pay over 10$ for a shot.

        1. I personally think the Big Chimichanga Dinner (not sure how authentic it is) at The Burrito House on Lincoln is wonderful! Big portion, very crispy, and very cheesy. Love their house-made guac and their hot sauce.

          Opened late, too!

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            Most of this topic is four years old. Many of our best, most creative Mexican restaurants have opened since then, and at least one of the places recommended then, Ixcapuzalco, has closed. You'll find a more up-to-date summary of recommendations of the best Mexican restaurants in the topic at