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Feb 17, 2004 01:30 PM

Best Peking Duck in town?

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As a dish that frequently takes 24hr+ to order, Peking Duck is not something I get all that often, but done right, it is a really great meal.

So two questions.

1. What restaurant(s) have the best Peking Duck in town?

2. Which places have the best that DO NOT require 24hrs advance notice - i.e. where you can just go and order it?



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  1. ----Shannon wrote: 1. What restaurant(s) have the best Peking Duck in town?

    A very good question. Funny thing you brought it up, since I woke up craving Peking Duck for some reason this morning. One of my all time favorite dishes on earth, and I really don't know where the best in Chicago I need the help too...

    I recently ordered it at Evergreen last week, which didn't need a 24 hour notice time. I guess it was decent...wasn't a home run, more like a bunt single..but gets the job done right?

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      We go to Emperors Choice for the 3 course Peking Duck. I have been to Beijing, and had more courses...but 3 courses is enough for most Westerners. I don't need the tongues in my soup etc. Emperors Choice also has excellant seafood. Especially the scallop (fresh in shell) as an appetizer. Enjoy

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        Doesn't Shanghai Terrace (note to GWIV - I remembered the name!) in the Peninsula have that entire duck menu? Not sure if it is the best, but it is certainly the fanciest.


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          You finally remembered the name! (smile) I'll link to my past Shanghai Terrace Peking Duck post.



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            What NO picture!?? Jeez, I rely on you for my food porn Gary.

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              Sorry, no picture of Shanghai Terrace Peking Duck, how about one from Happy Chef taken about a month ago?


              Happy Chef Peking Duck


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                That did the trick. You're no tease fella.

      2. I'm sure there are better places, but I had it recently at Opera. It was their own version of it, so it's not completely traditional, but it was GREAT. It was served in three courses (like it's supposed to be) but instead of soup, they substitute a noodle course with lot's of garlic that I really enjoyed. It's not cheap, but you can order it off the menu eith no advance notice required.

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          The Chicago Chop House has it every Tuesday for a lunch special.

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              No way.

              Are you serious?

              What's next, Moo Shu Ribeye?

              I don't even like their steak all that much. I think I'll pass on their Peking Duck.

            2. They have it at Red Light. It was quite tasty, tho Red Light isn't cheap...

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                I agree on Red Light.Had the duck with carmelized peaches and tiny little chili peppers. It was wonderful!

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                So let me get this straight. The best Peking Duck in Chicago is at Opera or Red Light (same chef for all intents and purposes) and as far as I'm concerned neither has very much to do with Peking Duck. In the past two months I have had Peking Duck at House of Fortune, Emperors Choice, Little Three Happiness Seven Wives and Moon Palace. I always stick with the three course (skin in pancakes, soup, stir fried meat). House of Fortune is probably the all around best, but only because I didn't like the soup at Seven Wives very much. The other two courses were outstanding. LTH is very good, except for the stale tortillas that they call pancakes. Emperors Choce and Moon Palace were good all around, but the meat course was not quite as good as a few of the other establishments. I also had a Peking Duck at Happy Chef about three months ago, which was largely inedible (although I like a number of menu items there).

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                1. re: Wheresthebeef
                  Shannon Clark

                  I think, at least based on the consensus so far, that the "best" may be the Peking Duck menu at the Penisula, but even that didn't sound flawless.

                  House of Fortune sounds promising - do they require 24hr notice?

                  As a relatively expensive and generally large (at least many courses usually) dish, I guessed that few people order it at every Chinese restaurant the eat at, or all that frequently - so that my question might be difficult to answer.

                  Thanks for your summary of many of the Chinatown options!

                  Are there any non-Chinatown options you would suggest? (any place in Chinatown north? in the rest of the city? though it doesn't help me, out in the burbs?)



                  1. re: Shannon Clark
                    wheres the beef

                    I guess I just have a thing for duck skin. The meat and soup travel well, but you have to eat all of the skin ASAP. No advance notice is required at House of Fortune. Let me know if you like it. I haven't tried any Peking Duck outside of Chinatown. I personally have had nothing but miserable experiences at Shanhai Terrace, even though I generally think the food is quite good.