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Feb 10, 2004 10:29 PM

Fried Pickles

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I have had these at Maple Tree Inn in Blue Island for the crawfish boils and for Bastille Day. Anywhere else I can get these? I don't believe Heaven on Seven has these but the Angry Shrimp from there were highly upset!!!!

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  1. Prodigal Son at 2626 N. Halsted had fried pickles on their menu. Also free bacon on wednesdays to boot. They closed after a fire recently, but I'm not sure if they plan on reopening or not.

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    1. re: Meredith

      That building must be cursed. No bar seems to be able to survive there. Can anyone remember the previous incarnations of that bar? I'm drawing a blank on the names. It was a Wisconsin and Packers bar though at one time.

      1. re: Simon

        Was it Will's North Woods Lodge (or something like that)?

        1. re: john m

          no, Will's is still in its original locale, on Racine between Wellington and Belmont. It is still, in fact, a Packers bar.

          this place is on Halsted between Fullerton and Wrightwood, has a nice roof deck, and has been through a few names (the most recent of which was the Prodigal Son). It's driving me crazy trying to remember the former name(s).

          1. re: Simon

            I don’t know if it’s what you’re trying to think of but Uncle Tannous used to be at 2626 N Halsted, where Prodigal Son was. See Ray Hanania’s really interesting site for a little more about UT and lots more about all things Arabic (I guess it’s time to link to it again). The former co-owner of UT now runs Maza (2748 N Lincoln).

            I never went to Prodigal Son but I suppose any bar that gives out free bacon on Wednesdays couldn’t be all bad.


            1. re: Rene G

              well, that used to be there too, but before Uncle Tannous, it was called Deacon Brodie's.

              I had to call and ask an old friend.

              1. re: Simon

                I think we might be talking about two different places. Prodigal Son, before that Uncle Tannous, before that ??, was at 2626 N Halsted. A block south, Goodbar, before that Deacon Brodie’s, is/was at 2512 N Halsted. Deacon Brodie’s was a hangout for Packers fans. Below is a link to the Goodbar page of Sean Parnell’s great site that has a picture of Goodbar’s exterior and a little history about Deacon Brodie’s. Well, maybe fans of Deacon Brodie’s won’t think the site is so great ("plenty of annoying Green Bay Packer supporters" and a few other not-so-nice comments).


                1. re: Rene G

                  thanks for clearing that up. no wonder it was driving me crazy... I was flat-out wrong.

              2. re: Rene G

                The owners of Uncle Tannous previously owned a small storefront restaurant (we're talking 70's here) on Kedzie north of Lawrence, named Cedars of Lebanon. Almost exactly the same food, same quality, but about 1/4 the price. That said, I did eat at UT a couple times and liked it.

                I think the restaurant is where the nursing home is now, across from the strip mall with the Albanian pizza place.

      2. Don't know of any places in Chicago, but if you ever get to Memphis, TN you can get your fix for fried pickles at Elvis Presley's on Beale St. (also have great fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, too!)

        1. There is a place in Countryside at 6542 Joliet Rd (the corner of Joliet road and Willow Springs road) called Que Pasa Cantina. They have great fried pickles there.

          1. Sinner,

            Not sure where to find fried pickles in Chicago, but last year we had a BBQ get together a couple hours South of Atlanta and Bruce C, a South Bend Chowhound, insisted on detouring an hour out of our way, from the Atlanta airport to our destination, so we could stop at the Magnolia Inn and have fried pickles and catfish.

            The catfish was as good as Bruce said, as were the smothered quail, but fried pickles may be an acquired taste. (smile)

            If you find them in the area, but sure to post, I would like to try them again.


            Fried Pickles at Magnolia Inn, Georgia


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            1. re: G Wiv

              The memories are fond. The restaurant Gary is referring is called The Daphne Lodge.

            2. Since you are talking Midwest, the fried pickle mix at Tony Paco's in Ohio and Cloverleaf Pizza in Roseville, MI has pub pickles that rock!

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              1. re: rusty77

                FWIW, I find it really bizarre that you'd revive a thread from 2004 to comment on a place in Michigan.