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Mar 28, 2003 01:03 AM

my new favorite chinese restaurant in the seattle area!

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I'm incredibly excited by this new restaurant find. And, true to form, the place isn't in Seattle. Other than the Malay Satay Hut, all my favorite Asian places seem to be outside of the city proper. [For Korean, Hosoonyi in Shoreline. For Thai, Bai Tong near the airport. For pan-Asian, East and West Cafe in Tacoma.]

I was part of a recent chowhound conversation about the general mediocrity of Chinese food in Seattle. But that changed tonight, when I went to the Great Wall Mall and ate at a place with an unclear name (at least in English). The business card reads: Taiwan Restaurant/Shanghai Restaurant.

First of all, this place has xiao long bao. Great soup dumplings! Only other place I know Seattle-side that serves them is Shanghai Garden, but tonight's were much better.

My companion and I then tried two dishes: eggplant with basil (very tasty) and shaved noodles with assorted goodies. Well, maybe that wasn't the official name of the dish, but it consisted of noodles made on site and stir-fried with shrimp, squid and meat. Very, very good.

We sat and watch beautiful dishes of food going to nearby tables... I can't wait to go back with a larger group to sample more. The service was very friendly.

Anyone else tried this place? I, for one, highly recommend it!

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  1. Thank you Jay,

    I've been on the lookout for decent Chinese food in this area since moving here in 1992. I will definitely give this place a chance!


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    1. re: Dianne Laird

      Are you talking about the restaurant that is on the left hand side after you enter the North doors (the doors closest to the 99 Ranch grocery side of the mall). It's always got a handwritten menu out front? Isn't it called Taipai?
      Or, is it on the other side of the Great Wall over by the pho place and Thai place and the Sidewalk Lounge?
      I love the Great Wall Mall. Imperial Garden is a fantastic place for dim sum and decent enough for dinner. The pho place has excellent soup and cheap ($3-$5). The Thai place is good, but skip the buffet. Not good at all.

      1. re: southy

        Ha! Everyone's trying to figure out exactly which restaurant, and which location in the mall.

        I just called the owner. He says it's officially called "Taiwan Restaurant," and it's in the location of the former "New 168 Restaurant." You can see it on the map at the URL listed below.

        If you go, please tell them you heard about it from Jay at the Chowhound board. I bet they'll treat you especially well! [Note I have no affiliation with the place.]


        1. re: jay

          Ranch 99 is about the only place(besides some of the small mom and pop stores)that I can get roast duck.Its good most of the time a couple of times it was way too salty but most of the time is good.Its only 15$s for a whole duck.I like there fish frying service wish some of there fish was fresher,I mean when it gets red eyes and slimy its garbage.The Tilapia is a good choice because its a fair price and a big seller so you know it will be fresh most of the time.You can get it live which costs more is the only way to get it fresher.At lunch and dinner theres lines of people getting the Tilapia deep fried.The store in Washington doesnt charge for deep frying.The variety is great.Lots of hard to find things.Prices arent bad alot of things can be bought at other places cheaper.

    2. Thanks for the review.

      I just looked it up, and I think the place may just be called simply "Shanghai Restaurant." I'm going to try posting a link to the Great Wall Mall below.

      Only bad thing: They're not in Seattle either. The address is in Kent, but I think it's the north part of Kent, near IKEA.


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      1. re: The Loaf

        Yes, like I mentioned in the original post, it's not in Seattle, but near Ikea in Kent. The link to the Great Wall Mall is good, but I'm pretty certain the Shanghai Restaurant listed at that site is different than where I ate. The photo at that link shows a different place.

        I met the owner last night, but next time perhaps I'll suggest he consider a more interesting, memorable name for his great restaurant!

      2. That place is pretty good--try one of the Taiwanese noodle soups. I didn't think the xiaolongbao were anything special, but it's impossible to find good ones in Seattle.

        If you're down there, try Chang's Gourmet too. Lots of authentic snacks, vegetarian food, and the best noodles I've eaten outside of SF/NY/Asia.

        1. There's a pretty great chinese place right at the corner of 12th and Jackson. Went there last week. Sichuan Restaurant. Looks pretty dismal from the outside, and they don't have a huge menu, but everything we tried was delicious. And very pleasant servers. Overall a happy time.

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          1. re: chuck

            I agree absolutely about this place (haven't been to the one in Kent). My boss is from Beijing, and this is the only Chinese place in Seattle she is willing to visit. Try the eggplant with ground pork.

            1. re: BradS

              I like this place (Sichuan Restaurant), too - for what it is. Especially if you can order off the non-English menu. But if I'm on that street corner, I'm likely walking across the street and paying a couple of dollars more for a better (albeit different) meal at Malay Satay Hut.

              That said, I like Taiwan Restaurant in Kent MUCH better than Sichuan Restaurant in Seattle. Too bad, as Seattle's more convenient for me.

              1. re: jay

                The "branch" of Sichuan Cuisine in Redmond is far superior (IMHO) to the Seattle location.

            2. re: chuck

              If you're talking about "Lao Sichuan", that place is absolutely awesome. Nowhere else in Seattle will you get a more authentic Chinese restaurant experience. The downside is, of course, most people don't want an authentic Chinese restaurant experience.

            3. Note: The original restaurant cited here is no longer open. Owner now runs Rocking Wok, which is good for some items, not so good for others. Service has been nice, but the owner a bit aloof.