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Jan 26, 2004 05:40 PM

Arepas in Chicago

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Can anyone recommend restaurants/bakeries in Chicago that serve tasty south american corn-flour breads that are stuffed with cheese/beans/meat and called Arepas?

I have had arepas in NYC and would love to chow on them here at home for Super Bowl Sunday!



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  1. there is a Colombian bakery way north on Lincoln (5400 north)that serves them. they don't match up to the arepa lady in queens but they are still decent.

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      Arepas are served at just about every Colombian and Ecuadoran restaurant in Chicago. Some are better than others, of course. My favorites are at the cafeteria of the Cuban grocery (run now by mostly S. Americans) La Unica on Devon. They are available at Mexican bakeries as well, but I can't rec any for their arepas.

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        I've enjoyed the arepas in house at EL LLano on lincoln, though I've found when I carry them out they toughen up very quickly. I also like their empanadas and sausages, which have ben posted on fairly recently.

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          You can NEVER go wrong w/La Unica!! Yum :)

      2. I second the notion of Colombian Bakery (Merkato's I believe is the name on their business card). The Arepas are good, excellent Pan de Bono, great cauldrons of coffee.

        1. Arepas are mainly a Colombian thing. You can find them at Las Tablas, the terrific Colombian/pan-Latin place at 2965 North Lincoln.

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