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Jan 26, 2004 11:32 AM

Excellent Georgian food discovered in Andersonville!

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Our monthly group of Russian speakers went out to dinner at Turkish Cuisine & Bakery (5605 N. Clark, in Andersenville) last night and learned to our delight that they serve delicious Georgian dishes. This place already gets thumbs up from Chowhounds and Chicago Turks for its lahmajun, imam bayildi, & various kebabs. It turns out that the restaurant is run by a husband and wife team, and the wife--and much of the staff--is Georgian.

You can order many Georgian dishes off the menu, and several Georgian dishes are on the menu under Turkish pseudonyms. For example, the delicious Adjarian khachapuri--the "boat" kind with the fried egg in the middle--masquerades as mysterious yet lame-sounding "Karadeniz Pide" (Black Sea bread, if my Turkish serves). We also snagged some very tasty red lobio, satsivi, and eggplant/walnut/pomegranite seed ruletki (not sure what the Georgian term is for these). The ajarian khatchapuri my personal fave. I haven't been to Georgia, but finding Georgian places in Moscow that served these was always a rare and special treat. Yet this place's adjarian khatch is the best I've had.

A bunch of us have been searching for good Georgian food in Chicago (the Georgian Bakery on Devon is fine for what it makes, but the food on offer at Tbilisi on Devon is pretty nasty and cooked up by Russians), so this was a completely unexpected and discovery. The folks running this place need to get the story out!

Kavkaz Hound

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  1. Great hounding! Thanks for the tip. That's explains a lot of mysteries about the menu! Curiously, the "Georgian" Shota Rustaveli at 4902 W. Dempster in Skokie changed to Armenian ownership over a year ago. I have not been back since the previous winter and wonder how the place is doing and if the new owner has really shifted to a more specifically "Armenian" menu as he said he would.

    1. Thanks for the info. Could you describe the Georgian dishes for those of us unfamiliar with the cuisine?


      1. I thought the food very good there, but the service was atrocious. I wrote it up for the online Reader reviews, mine's dated 12/24/03.