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Dec 21, 2003 11:53 PM

Gale Grand's root beer -- commercially available?

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In one of the Local Palate issues in midyear, it mentioned that Tru's Gale Grand was having her root beer produced commercially and that it was available at Fox & Obel. When I asked about it a few months later at F&O they didn't have it.

Anyone know if it's still being made & where it's available for purchase?

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  1. They've been carrying it for quite a while now - at least two years. I have a bottle of it in my fridge as we speak.

    1. I've seen it for sale by the single bottle at The Cheese Stands Alone..

      give it a shot, your experience may be better than my (wholly underwhelming) experience.


      1. If you want to try it, it isn't hard to find -- I've been finding it in corner stores and food court stalls. (I know at least one vendor at the Nordstorm's food court carries it.) I can't say it's ubiquitous, but it certainly seems like there's been expanded distribution.

        1. I also saw Gale's root beer at Urban Epicure in Andersonville (on Broadway, inches west of Clark).

          I'm trying to track down a small-producer cream soda by a company named Gordon's. I can recall seeing it in the past around town, but not in a long while. Any suggestions?


          1. I saw it today at Sunset Foods. They are sold as single bottles.

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              If any of the posters from 2003 are still looking they'll be happy to know that.

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                And its Gale Gand, too.. And yes it is still being made and available.