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Dec 14, 2003 05:00 PM

Schaumburg Butchers??

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Any butchers in the Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Elgin area you can recommend?

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    Sredni Vashtar

    I don't think there actually is a butcher per se in either Schaumburg or Hoffman Estates beyond the usual suspects (Jewel, Dominicks, Omaha Steaks, etc.). But you might want to try calling Millrose Country Store in South Barrington to see if they fit the bill

    Millrose Country Store
    55 S. Barrington Rd.
    S. Barrington

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    1. re: Sredni Vashtar
      Sredni Vastar

      The phone book also lists:

      Prime Meats of Barrington
      227 N Northwest Hwy

      But I have no personal experience with them so I can't comment.

      1. re: Sredni Vastar

        I go to Johnny G's Quality Meats in Bloomingdale, just south of Lake St. at Roselle Road (which turns into Bloomingdale Road south of Lake).

        Johnny G's Quality Meats
        Address: 160 S Bloomingdale Rd # N, Bloomingdale, IL 60108
        Phone: (630) 893-6089

        I've only been there a few times and find he is a generous cutter - ask for 8 oz and you get 9-10, but the steaks were phenomenal!


        1. re: Christine

          You better believe it. Have you ever tried the Italian sausage from there? It's excellent. We always have some in the freezer for grilling up any time be it for pasta or sandwiches.

    2. i had a hard time finding a good butcher in this area, but i did find one. its called felicia's meat & deli. a very good butcher, i bought a 10 pound tenderloin there last year for christmas , he trims it , ties it for you and tells you how to prepair it. it was outstanding! its a small place . has italian deli meats, cooked foods and all kinds of fresh meats, if he does not have it he can order it for you . during the holidays, he has trays, also fresh seafood.give it a shot.

      664 meacham road
      elk grove village