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Nov 18, 2003 09:47 PM

Cream Sausage from Jim’s Market (Cicero)

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My favorite discovery of the Italian Beef Tasteoff turned out to be a sausage. Not an Italian sausage but klobosy or cream sausage from Jim’s Market, right across the street from Freddy’s. Its praises have been sung here before (see link) but I was still unprepared for how good it tasted. I was also unprepared for its unusual and subtle cinnamon aroma and flavor. I believe cream sausage is commonly eaten for breakfast and it might be the perfect accompaniment to pancakes. I’d like to nominate Jim’s klobosy for the Chicagoland Sausage Hall of Fame.

Jim’s Market
"Home of Jelita, Jaternice, and Buchta"
1538 S 61st Av (at 16th St)
Cicero IL


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  1. s
    Sredni Vashtar

    Growing up, we'd traditionally have klobosy for lunch, usually with Chef Boyardee spaghetti and Wonder Bread. I believe my mother browned it, still in its coil, in a pan on the range with beer. As kid I called it "snake."

    1. c

      Cream sausage does indeed have a breakfast sausage-y feel to it, but much less aggressively spiced and salted, I think. Bobak's also does a good version in a nice long coil that fits perfectly in a twelve inch skillet.

      1. i had to stop buying that cream sausage from jim's because i couldnt stop eating it. joan

        1. s
          Sredni Vashtar

          Of the following, Prasky is my favorite, sliced thin and fried up and eaten as described. According to my father the Jaternice was known in Berwyn as a "Bohemian banana."

          Jaternice (White Jets
          )Chicago is known for its unique variety of sausages, and Jaternice is one of them. Also referred to as White Jets, pork snouts and pork jowls are ground and mixed with cereal and lots of spices. Fully cooked, all you have to do is simmer them or pan fry the meat. Cut the meat from its casing and enjoy the flavors. You can put it on a piece of your favorite bread or eat it with potatoes and a vegetable. Try some of the uniqueness Chicago has to offer.

          Jelita (Black Jets)
          Another item special to certain Chicago's neighborhoods are Jelita. Known as Black Jets, pork snouts and pork jowls are combined with unique spices and barley to create this specialty item. Fully cooked, all you have to do is simmer, or pan fry the meat. Cut the meat from its casing and eat it with potatoes and a vegetable, or just spread it on a piece of bread or crackers and start eating.

          Prasky Links
          Prasky is another product unique to Chicago and Daisy Brand. This is also one of our most popular products. We grind lean pork and beef and blend it just right with our own special recipe of spices and seasonings. The distinctive garlic flavor of this sausage is simply delicious! Make yourself a sandwich on fresh rye bread with brown mustard and you'll have everyone around you wishing they had your lunch! Prasky is also a great snack to put out for parties on a deli platter with cheeses.

          Cream Sausage (Breakfast Sausage)
          Cream Sausage, also known as Klobosy, is an old-time version of a breakfast sausage. It is a finely ground blend of pork and seasonings before it is stuffed into casings. We then leave it in a rope length and roll it into ring so it can fir in your frying pan. try these to add some variety to your breakfasts! It goes great with pancakes, waffles, or eggs.

          Buchta Loaf
          A unique product known only to certain neighborhoods in Chicago. Buchta Loaf is an Old Fashioned Veal Loaf with a more flavorful array of spices than a traditional Veal Loaf. Chicagoan's may remember this product being sold hot out of the ovens on Saturday mornings in years gone by. If you want to relive those moments or experience them for yourself, try som Buchta Loaf and warm it up in your oven or microwave and make a hot sandwich. You'll see why neighborhoods in Chicago found this item so popular.

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          1. re: Sredni Vashtar

            Just bought prasky (Daisy Brand) at Jewel Grocery store on Roosevelt Rd in Lombard, Illinois. I was surprised to see it in a case at the front of the store with other sausages and cheeses.

          2. Just bought cream sausage (klobasy) from Casey's Market in Naperville, Illinois $4.50/# in rounds w/wooden rod. We asked the butcher, who got it from the freezer. Had it last night & it was just what I remembered as a kid. Glad it was frozen because we put it in our carryon luggage - 6# total & it was still frozen when we landed in a Phoenix!
            p.s. Butcher mentioned that if we were looking for other ethnic sausages, he'd be happy to try and get them for us.