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Nov 13, 2003 10:27 PM

Find Goose/purchase Chicago/ Christmas dinner

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Where can I purchase a great dressed goose, in Chicago to prepare during Christmas?? Not quite Tiny Tim like, yet a reputable/humane source?? Many thanks for applicable info.

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  1. We orderded one a few years back for St.Martins day from Paulina Market.
    Paulina is probably one of the most reputable meat markets in town,but their pricing can sometimes be a bit inhumane.

    Paulina Market
    3501 N Lincoln
    773 248 6272

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    1. re: JSM

      Can be pricey, but you can order one in advance to the weight you want and be guaranteed you get the perfect size. I've placed special orders from them a lot (they filet-ed a fresh rabbit for me for Christmas a couple years ago) and have never been disappointed.

      1. re: JSM

        Paulina Market says today they only received frozen geese for this year. Ditto for Treasure Island in Wilmette. It doesn't seem like anyone actually has a fresh goose in Chicago...

        I have a call in to the Land Connection now. If they reply, I'll let people know.

        1. re: DEL

          Did you try the live poultry places for geese? Here’s a list of several but there are others.

          Chicago Live Poultry House
          2601 S Ridgeway

          Chicago Live Poultry and Grocery
          6421 N Western

          Ciale’s Poultry Store
          2141 W Armitage

          John's Live Poultry and Egg Market
          5955 W Fullerton

      2. Did a goose with the wasband for Christmas several years ago. Got it fresh from one of the live poultry places in town. Don't remember which one. Know that there's one on Waukegan Rd. in Glenview, and in Pilsen or La Villita and maybe still Albany Park. Yellow Pages. Try 'em.

        P.S. My, there's a lot of grease in a goose!

        1. Treasure Island carries them every year. Fresh geese, fresh ducks (both whole and breasts), fresh pheasants upon occasion, cute little quail...good stuff. And no need to mortgage the house, either. Not cheap, but not exorbitant, either.

          I generally go to the one in Wilmette, as I live on the Chicago/Evanston border. The parking is easy and free, the store is small and intimate, the butchers are always very friendly and accommodating, and the meat - no matter what you buy - is always good. Best lamb racks ever! Only drawbacks: no booze, and the fresh fish selection is miniscule - but Burhop's at Plaza del Lago is maybe 10 minutes away, tops.

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            1. Paulina's
            2. Treasure Island
            3. Jewel.... amazing,, but they did have a fresh dressed organic goose there today!
            4. Fox & Obel - special order to make sure it is fresh. I bought one there two years ago and it seemed a little "aged".
            5. Contact Terra Brockman / she is a great source for these things.

          2. j
            Judy Hampshire

            Can I purchas a goose for christmas dinner in Morgan county, colorado?