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Shaw rave from out-of-towner

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Came into Chicago last week, from Los Angeles towed by the chow-spouse, who had a meeting (AAML). One of the meeting functions included a dinner at Naha, by which we were underwhelmed (though it was their "downstairs" banquet room). BUT ON THE OTHER HAND
spouse insisted on SHAWS oyster bar side TWICE. (It may be her favorite restaurant in the world...)

First time, (dinner on arrival) she made fast work of lobster bisque (vastly better than a bowl she'd had at a Los Angeles seafood place a week before, and I'll concede, pretty close to perfect) and about a 2-lb. lobster. I had the gumbo, followed by (Nantucket?) scallops with garlic. Now I'm a scallop fiend ('ve had'em minutes from the shell as sashimi, had'em in Chinese food (my 40th birthday party, at a Chinese seafood place, turned out to involve about 5 different scallop-and- dishes)Italian food, etc. and these were superior to any I remember.

Second visit was for lunch (we had these other dinners for the function we had to go to) She had the seafood salad (too much radish and cabbage, but o/w good) and a bigger bowl of the lobster bisque, which was again near to perfect; I had the gumbo and the blackened mahi-mahi, which was done to a turn, not scorched, not overbearingly salty or peppery, and generally wonderful.

So, why don't they open in Los Angeles?


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  1. Although it is a very small chain and part of a large restaurant conglomerate, I think Shaws preparation of Nantucket scallops is the best I have had anywhere. I opt for the lemon butter sauce as I think the garlic overwhelms the delicate Nantuckets. I am headed there tomorrow.