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Oct 29, 2003 10:40 AM

Raw kibbee or "kibbe nye"

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can anybody point me to a good middle eastern place that serves good fresh raw kibbee? Also, do middle eastern aficianado's agree that this is more often than not the litmus test of a restaurant's overall quality?



p.s. er, uh, I like fried kibbee too.

p.p.s. ok, ok, I like it all.....stop with the brow-beating, sheesh!

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  1. Jack,

    I guess it's been a while, but did you ever find a place in Chicago with kibbee? I am heading there soon and would like to know. Thanks!


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      It's been a while since I've been there, but Sayat Nova has it.

      1. re: bnowling

        There are tons of middle eastern places that serve fried kibbe in the traditional egg shape. There are a bunch of Assyrian places that serve Kibbe Mosul, which is a flat pancake version that can be boiled, fried or grilled (Venus, Uncle's,, George's , Larsa's, Sahara Kabob).

        For raw kibbe (what Armenians call Kheyma), the afforementioned Sayat Nova is the only Armenian Restaurant in town (they do list kheyma on their website). However, on the first Wednesday of every month at noon, the Sts. Joachim and Anne Armenian church in Palos Heights offers homemade kheyma in the church hall. (July 7 is the next time)

        If it is the raw meat aspect that attracts you to this dish, you might try German Hackepeter at Laschet's or Korean Yuk Hwei at San Soo Gab San or Hae Woon Dae

        Saints Joachim & Anne Armenian Apostolic Church
        12600 South Ridgeland Ave,
        Palos Heights, IL 60463
        (708) 388-4940