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Oct 21, 2003 09:34 PM


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So...I'm a fan of places like The Burger Baron on Grand and I'm wondering where the great blue collar burgers of Chicago are found. I'm not talkin' boomer foo foo burgers with chipotle catsup reduction. I'm talkin' burgers. Help?

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  1. Burgers as class affiliation? Only in Chicago. :)

    1. Moody's Pub on Broadway has great burgers and a nice roomm to eat in.

      1. The Weiner Circle on Clark and Wrightwood. A famous chow-hut. Char-Cheddar burger with fries. Try it and lemme know.

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        1. re: A.S.K.

          Oh, you had to say "Char-cheddar"!

          I am so dying for one now!

          I used to a be a fan of Buffalo Joes char-cheddar burger but in the last 5 years it has gone from char to limp, which is remarkable considering how much they overcook the poor thing.

          1. re: Octarine

            sorry! you gotta pronounce it correctly gives you that mental stimulation then when you think about it. mmmmmmmmmmmm - chaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr-cheddar burger...sssssooooooooooooooooooooo tasty........mmmmmmm- good cheese melted all over it to take your taste buds for a ride they'll never forget.

            char-cheddar burger

        2. And also, apparently, Twisted Spoke. (Haven't been there myself, but see thread below.)

          1. For a real blue-collar burger go to Bridgeport, specifically to Kevin’s Hamburger Heaven. This classic 24 hour grill/diner makes one of the better under-$3 hamburgers I’ve had. There have been a few posts on KHH but I think G Wiv’s photo of a 4 AM burger pretty much says it all.

            If Kevin’s is too upscale, may I suggest Haven’s in Woodlawn? They advertise “old fashioned hamburgers” that I found quite tasty. While waiting for my burger ($2, with fries) a regular customer highly recommended their not-on-the-menu chili cheeseburger, something I have every intention of trying.

            Kevin’s Hamburger Heaven
            554 W Pershing Rd
            24 hours

            Haven’s Banquet and Restaurant
            6636 S Cottage Grove Av
            Take out only


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              Kevin's serves a great burger and that picture makes me want to jump in the car for one right at this moment. Speaking of good burgers, here's a picture of another good solid Chicago burger, Top Notch Beefburger.

              I was there last year with The Mayor of Chowhound, Vital Information, The CQ and their Chowhounditas. The burger in question is The CQ's, a very nicely set-up burger.


              Top Notch Beefburger
              2116 W 95th
              Chicago, IL


              1. re: G Wiv

                Yum. Given all of the great one-off burger places around here, its hard to believe that Chicago is supposedly such a poor burger town. By the way, I recently stopped at Redamak's in New Buffalo for the first time. I know it's a kind of a tourist trap, but hey that's a damn tasty burger. Also, the fried clams were (strangely) of impressively high quality.

                1. re: JeffB


                  Maybe 12-15 years ago there was a Redamak's on N Lincoln, a few blocks North of Belmont. Didn't last long, but from what I remember it was a very respectable burger.

                  Next time I am in New Buffalo I will be sure to stop for a Redamak's burger and fried clams.


                  1. re: G Wiv

                    Yes, that's correct there was a Redamak's outpost in Chicago. The original in New Buffalo is practically a national landmark. In my opinion it is the best burger I've ever had. I prefer the double cheese olive burger. I once drove from New York straight to Redamak's. I thought about it the entire drive. This year I was in Chicago for a business trip and had to take the drive just to have a burger. I highly recommend it.

                    1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

                      I hate to burst the bubble, but I think Redamak's in in decline. I go there every summer with my family on the way out of town after vacation and the burgers have gotten greasier and greasier over the years. This summer I had major stomach issues (nufff said) afterwards and the burger was only ok. I probably won't go back (tear).

                      1. re: LaurenSpiceStack

                        You haven't burst my bubble. It's still my favorite. Still worth the drive from New York in my opinion.

                    2. re: G Wiv

                      Actually, the Redamak's in Chicago was on North Lincoln between Webster and Fullerton. I'm not sure how long Redamaks was there. I just remember eating there once, loving it, and going back a next time to find it was gone. I ate at the Redamak's in New Buffalo this evening. It is a good burger. And, at the same time, there are a number of good burger places. My ultimate favorite is Schoops. There used to be a Schoops in Chicago as well. It was only there for about three our four years. It's now a Blockbuster (though that may have closed too).