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Feb 7, 2003 05:56 PM

quick lunch near the king county courthouse?

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just been summonsed to jury duty. any recommendations for a quick (and hopefully inexpensive:) lunch within walking distance of the downtown seatle courthouse? thanks!

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  1. Salumi at 309 3rd Ave S. By far the best Italian cured/dried meats in Seattle (the Northwest?). Vegetarians need not apply. The lines can get really long, so I wouldn't call it fast. Also very limited seating. All well worth it, however.

    Mae Phim Thai at 94 Columbia Street. Again, long line (starting to see a pattern here??), but it moves fast. Good, cheap thai.

    Whatever the case DO NOT succumb to the pull of the Columbia (B of A -- whatever its called these days) Tower Food Court, where a lot of jurors seem to go. If the seating is limited in the above places, just take the food to go and use a table at the food court.

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    1. re: Nick Z

      Definitely concur about the virtues of Salumi, and enjoy the Korean food at #1 Teriaki mentioned by another poster.

      One of my biggest faves has yet to come up, though: Cafe Zum Zum (823 3d, 3 blocks from the courthouse, 622-7391), which serves amazing Pakistani curry. Their lamb curry is truly spectacular, but they have ~15 different kinds, many of them vegetarian.

      Another good nearby spot is La Vaca (613 3d, a mere block from the courthouse, 622-0154) for Mexican. Big, great, fairly inexpensive food. Very limited seating, though.

      1. re: steve

        YES YES YES to Salumi (go there once, and you will walk a hundred miles todo it again). And to Zaina, and Cilantro, and Zum Zum (try the lamb and spinach - yum) - he will gladly put substiture two half-orders for one whole one, so you can try out a couple of the curries in one sitting. Mae Phim is unstable, but can be truly great. For consistency, prices only a hair higher, a distinctly civilized ambiance, and attentive service, try Cilantro, at the other end of the block. I, too, put TM on my NO, NO, NO, list.

    2. zaina mediterranean (cherry between 1st and 2nd) - best lamb kabob sand. in town. trattoria mitchelli (1st and yesler) has a $5.95 all inclusive deal thats great. i like #1 teriyaki - korean style, good portions. salumi is wonderful. i ain't big on mae phim.

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      1. re: the fluid

        I agree, except I would axe tratt mich, and I AM big on Mae Phim, but ONLY if you can get there by 11:45. Much later than that and you are sunk. (Same for Salumi.) Zaina is great, too, as is #1 Teriyaki. There's a 'q place on Cherry (or James ?) between 3d and 2d (or 2d and 1st?) that'll do in a pinch.

        1. re: Robert

          Bakeman's or Zaina - Yes! Like Tom Armitage (posting above), I've been having turkey at Bakeman's for 30 years and never been disappointed. The turkey noodle soup is really good, too, although a bit salty. (Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to find good chicken or turkey soup anywhere that isn't too salty.)

          Mae Phim - also yes. Very quick when not busy. I also find the Thai lunches are as good, much quieter, slower, and within 50 cents in price at Cilantro on the Marion St. ramp to the ferry, a few doors west of 1st Ave.

          Another quick spot with a large menu is Jackrabbit, on the east side of 2nd Ave across from the Federal Bldg, between Madison and Marion. Good soups and many sandwich choices.

          Trattoria Mitchelli - no. Or NO. Bland sauces with gloppy textured pasta. Ravioli with stuffing that is almost non-existant. I go there once every year or so because someone has a group lunch I feel obligated to attend. I've never (well, maybe 20 years ago) enjoyed it.

          1. re: Randy Brook

            thank you, Randy, for speaking the unspeakable

      2. t
        Tom Armitage

        Bakeman's, 122 Cherry St. (on the north side of Cherry St. between 1st and 2nd Aves.). A Seattle institution. Real, carved from the bird, roast turkey on fresh homemade bread. You can specify dark meat, white meat, or mixed. The bread is white or light wheat. Order the turkey sandwich with cranberry. The other recommendation is a meatloaf sandwich (have it with mustard and mayo on wheat bread). The meatloaf is gently spiced and delicious. The turkey noodle soup is just like grandma's, packed with flavor. You move around a counter, cafeteria style, where they serve you your sandwich, soup, and whatever else you want with lightening speed. You then take your tray to a table. There's usually a line, but it moves quickly. This very efficient operation makes more than 500 sandwiches every day for lunch. I've eaten at Bakeman's for 30 years and have never lost my enthusiam for its sandwiches and soup. Comfort food at its best!

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        1. re: Tom Armitage

          I second the Bakeman's recommendation for a quick, cheap and filling lunch and would add two things:

          1) A SLICE OF FRUIT PIE IS A MUST, if you have the time.
          2) The staff moves that cafeteria line like seasoned professionals, so be prepared to know precisely what you want to order when it’s your turn! :)



        2. thanks for all the great replies... i hope i'll get picked so i can try them all out!

          1. Need update for DECADE later of his guide to jury food in Seattle.

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            1. re: jamesian

              This inquiry probably merits a new thread, as much of the above information is seriously not applicable in 2013. Just one example: Trattoria Mitchelli is long gone.

              1. re: jamesian

                I just served jury duty back in October and went to Salumi twice, as well as Chuck's Hole in the Wall BBQ twice. Chuck's pulled pork sandwich is fantastic.

                  1. re: Lauren

                    Bakeman’s has been around seemingly forever and is amazingly consistent, so no need for an update there. I second Lauren’s recommendation for Il Corvo, although I haven’t yet been to its new location in Pioneer Square.