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  • HARRY REEMS Sep 17, 2003 09:45 AM
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Anybody remember this place that was on devon and western. They had the best ribs ever. Lets talk about this place. Atrue oldie but goodie.

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  1. Actually it was around Lunt and Western. My favorite were the lyonnaise potatoes.

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    1. re: Artie

      It was one of my parents favorites. . . went there many times. Good ribs, too. We like Black Angus better, though (not the one on Western now) it was at Estes and Western. Piano bar, etc. I think the usual piano players name was Norm Scheer. They had excellent ribs. . . .Shrimp DeJonge, etc. Briefly turned into someplace call the Library. . . . then a fire. . . . then an empty lot for 15+ years. . . . now a strip mall. . . . .

      1. re: Dan

        i've learned to reproduce the honey ribs...but the cole slaw ( the holy grail of slaw) continues to elude me....alas

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      Andy's Better Brother

      Growing up, we used to have their ribs almost every Friday night. (Until Sherry's opened on Bryn Mawr (I think) - anyone else remember that gem?) Miller's also had a killer Green Goddess Salad which as I recall, was about the only thing vegetable that RevAndy would eat until he was 16.

      Link: http://www.flyingmutts.com

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      1. re: Andy's Better Brother

        My "better brother" is mistaken about the Green Goddess salad. That was served at Black Angus, which was owned by Chris Carson, who went on to open a rib chain whose name eludes me. You'll find that same salad on the menu. By the way, that salad wasn't the only vegetable I liked. My brother was the other one.

      2. anyone have a recipe for millers coleslaw? it was the best