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Sep 17, 2003 09:45 AM


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Anybody remember this place that was on devon and western. They had the best ribs ever. Lets talk about this place. Atrue oldie but goodie.

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  1. Actually it was around Lunt and Western. My favorite were the lyonnaise potatoes.

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      It was one of my parents favorites. . . went there many times. Good ribs, too. We like Black Angus better, though (not the one on Western now) it was at Estes and Western. Piano bar, etc. I think the usual piano players name was Norm Scheer. They had excellent ribs. . . .Shrimp DeJonge, etc. Briefly turned into someplace call the Library. . . . then a fire. . . . then an empty lot for 15+ years. . . . now a strip mall. . . . .

      1. re: Dan

        i've learned to reproduce the honey ribs...but the cole slaw ( the holy grail of slaw) continues to elude me....alas

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      Andy's Better Brother

      Growing up, we used to have their ribs almost every Friday night. (Until Sherry's opened on Bryn Mawr (I think) - anyone else remember that gem?) Miller's also had a killer Green Goddess Salad which as I recall, was about the only thing vegetable that RevAndy would eat until he was 16.


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        My "better brother" is mistaken about the Green Goddess salad. That was served at Black Angus, which was owned by Chris Carson, who went on to open a rib chain whose name eludes me. You'll find that same salad on the menu. By the way, that salad wasn't the only vegetable I liked. My brother was the other one.

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          Chris Carson opened "Carson's Ribs". Three locations still open.

      2. anyone have a recipe for millers coleslaw? it was the best

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          Yep, we have it along with the one for Shrimps DeJohgne. Jim & Pattie Miller. Pattie ran the lunch operation and relieved Ruth DeWald evenings.

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            Are you willing to share the coleslaw recipe?

        2. On Western Ave, just south of Devon on the East side of the street was Sally's BBQ - later Sally's Stage.

          1. Founded in 1946 by Harvey O Miller. His other company had installed a new packaged A/C unit, but Bill Simmons (Bill Simmons Steak House) couldn't pay the invoice, Since Harvey didn't like any of the restaurants he went to, he worked out a deal with Simmons and Miller's Steak House was born. At one time there were three...Millers on Ridge and Millers Kinzie (now Harry Cary's). Harvey's son Jim sold the restaurants in the early 80's after his father's death in 1979, but still runs Murphy & Miller.
            Jerry Reinsdorf (White Sox & Bulls and Rich Melman (Lettuce Entertain You) grew up eating at Millers. A Chicago institution!