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Sep 10, 2003 01:54 PM

Green, unroasted coffee

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A friend of mine likes to roast her own coffee, and doesn't know where to buy it. Whole foods on Rand Road said the one in Deefield has it, I haven't called there to confirm it, though. Would prefer something from Schaumburg to Skokie, or out northwest towards Crystal Lake.

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  1. Carey,

    I'm trying to figure out why I recognize your name. The problem is, I don't know whether I know you because of debian (my distro of choice) or square dancing (my dad is Bill Fisher, a chicago banjo player + teacher at the old town school of folk music).

    Just so the moderators don't lay the smack down for this being not-about-food, but it's possible that some smaller coffee shops can either sell green coffee beans to your friend or have them ordered for her.


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    1. re: Ed Fisher

      I saw some just the other day, but also can't remember where. I want to say the Middle Eastern store on Foster, just west of Clark Street.

      1. re: Ed Fisher

        Middle East Bakery definitely sells coffee beans, but I don't recall ever seeing unroasted ones there.

        That said, we had an Ethiopian babysitter for a while a couple of years ago. Needless to say, I was constantly quizzing her about food. Especially as she had relatives both here and in DC with restaurants. (The ones here were in the process of opening a new place which she said was on north Broadway, roughly between 5000 and 6000 north. At the time, it didn't yet have a name, and she left us to go to school before I could pin it down.)

        In any case, she described various coffee preparations for me and brought in some green beans and showed me how they would roast them black in a hot dry cast iron skillet and then make a sort of espresso with them. (One option included the addition of butter! Otherwise, usually black.)

        So, she had access to green beans. Perhaps if one pursued African food stores rather than western coffee specialty shops...?

      2. s
        Southside Willy

        ebay always has green coffee. and roasters, too.

        1. Vivace (Seattle) has terrific espresso beans, one version of which they sell green (the Dolce). See url below. I've never tried the green, but the roasted version is impressive.


          1. I bought some green beans in Chicago - north side - but cannot remember where. If my memory returns I'll post and let you know.

            Might have been Nuts On Clark but I really don't think so.

            1. c
              Carey Tyler Schug

              I told her she should look on the web, but she is not a computer person, and I'm trying to avoid being the intermediary.