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Aug 27, 2003 03:02 PM

places to eat near Wrigley Field

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Hi, some friends and I are goin to a Cubs game this weekend and we were looking for some good places to eat near the park. Possibly some great "Chicago style" pizza or perhaps some exotic place. Any suggestions?

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  1. Jim Caple is doing a series on ESPN's web site where he visits every ballpark and rates it on various criteria. He has already done both Chicago parks. One category is places to eat and drink nearby. I'm not sure if he is a "hound", but the series is great reading. He even mentions my cities AAA team in his Kansas City review.

    1. I quite like Pizanos. Pizza is distinctive and carefully crafted. Close to Wrigley Field, pleasant place, owner almost always on-premises. Other food items are equally good. Relatives of the legendary Malnatis, they definitely hold up their branch of the family tree.

      3466 N. Clark St.