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Aug 27, 2003 02:23 PM

Cheez Waffies

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Cheez Waffies were one of my favorite snacks, but they seem to have dissapeared. Anyone know where they can be found?

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  1. According to their website they don't distribute in Illinois, however you can order them directly from Wise.

    You really like these things?


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    1. re: AndreaOK

      Thanks! Yes, a guilty pleasure from my childhood. However, a case at $52.00 might be a bit much Guess I'll have to wait until I go east next.

      1. re: ty


        That's exactly what I do when I need a fix of Grandma Utz's kettle chips, which are fried in pure lard.

        I have also been known to order a few bags from their website once in a while.

        Evil Ronnie

    2. You might want to try the Treasure Island on Clybourn. I know I have seen them there as recently as a few months ago.

      1. Jays seems to distribute Waffies here in the midwest. Check the "in between display" type hanging racks ala jerky and such. You have to usually pull 'em off the display clips.


        1. the Osco on Main Street in Skokie has 'em and they weren't near the chips, they were on those clip displays near the kiddie juice boxes. I almost bought them but passed because I was too lazy to reach for the clip. Now I wished I would have grabbed them.

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          1. re: el turbo

            DH buys them at Jewel, Dominicks or Butera on the Northwest side I believe - or else Walgreen.

            He also buys the Old London version, which comes in a foil bag inside a white box with color designs.

            1. re: Madd

              A little web-searching reveals that the Old London version is called "Waffle Snacks" (which comes in both "Cheddar" and "Swiss" flavors).

              But ... has anyone seen them in California? If so, where? (I recently visited my old haunts in North Carolina and reacquainted myself with this utterly unnatural and utterly delicious product from my childhood, and would like to poison myself with them further when I get back to San Diego!)

              1. re: BruceT

                You can't get them in California. At least, not the Wise variety (and I've never seen Jay's Cheese Wheels or Old London Waffle Snacks either). Wise is not currently selling their snacks online anymore. You can currently buy them on for $3 a bag. If you travel back East much, try to suss out a grocery store that regularly carries them (unfortunately not even all the grocery stores that carry Wise products carry Cheez Waffies and not all those that carry Cheez Waffies carry them all the time.) I've been known to ship boxes full of Cheez Waffie bags back home to CA. My friends make fun of me, but if I don't put the Cheez Waffies out at parties they ask me to and then gobble them down.

                1. re: BruceT

                  I've seen the Old London version at Smith's and (IIRC) Ralph's.

            2. Maybe try this from the comfort of your own home: