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Aug 13, 2003 01:07 AM

Store to buy British candy bars?

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I'm looking for a store that sells UK imports, to find some *real* Cadburys for my wife (not the awful stuff made for the US market by Hersheys). I'd really like to suprise her for her birthday with a box of Flakey bars. Hopefully some place in the city and accessible via the CTA.

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  1. i saw a whole load of cadbury's today at cost plus world market on skokie blvd, across from old orchard. in fact, i have a dipped flake in front of me right now, and it says it was made in south africa.

    i saw some violet crumbles, fruit and nut, etc, and i'm fairly sure i saw flake.

    they should have them at all cost plus world markets, i'd believe. i know there is one in evanston by the century theatre and wolfgang puck restauarant.

    according to the yellow pages, there's a cost plus on 1623 n sheffield, which looks like the red line stop at north and clybourn, and one at 2844 n broadway, which isn't near a train stop but should be easy to get to on the bus.

    hth! hah, look at me, sounding like a native. hee.

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      David Hammond


      I've bought Cadbury, Flakey, jellies and other U.K. candy items at the Irish Shopp in Oak Park, which is right across from the Oak Park Ave. El stop.

      The Irish Shop
      728 W. Lake St.
      Oak Park, IL 60302
      708 445-1149

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        I feel obligated to mention that it is near the GREEN line Oak Park el stop, not the blue line. So don't try to get to it by taking the blue line to Oak Park Ave, you'll have a 3/4 mile walk ahead of you.


      2. If you're on the northwest side, try O'Connor's Market and Deli at Devon and Northwest Highway; either location of Happy Foods (Edison Park on the 6800 or 6900 block of Northwest Highway or the Edgebrook store at Central and Devon); or Gaelic Imports at Lawrence and Austin.

        On the North Side, try Tara Imports on the 3500 block of Southport.

        Downtown, try the Irish import store in the 700 N. Michigan Building.

        Southside, Winstons, at (roughly) 4701 W 63rd St.

        1. I don't know about Flakey's, but Fox and Obel sells such things as Lion bars and imported KitKats.

          Fox & Obel
          401 E. Illinois Street

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          1. re: Aaron D
            Chris Williams

            That would be wonderful! She *loves* British Kit-Kats.

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              I checked at lunch, and they do sell Flakes ($1.39/per) as well as a variety of other Cadbury products (Double Decker, Marble, Twist?, et al.) They no longer carry regular KitKats, just one big candy bar-sized KitKat plank. They also have a handful of other British imports. If you go, look by the registers, where normal supermarkets carry normal candy bars. Make sure you search them all--Flakes were only at one of the five or so registers.

              And for the sake of the common goo--those like myself unfamiliar with said candy--I purchased and ate a Flake. A bit strange and awkward to eat as, so says the name, it flaked a bit all over. The flaking effect is achieved by squishing and layering very small, thin sheets of chocolate. The bar reminded me of a miniature tree trunk. I can see the appeal, but it didn't capture my chocolate allegiance. Calvin Trillin has said that anyone who doesn't say their favorite hamburger is from their hometown is a sissy. I suspect the same could be said about candy bars from one's native country.



              1. re: Aaron D
                Chris Williams

                ** Calvin Trillin has said that anyone who doesn't say their favorite hamburger is from their hometown is a sissy. I suspect the same could be said about candy bars from one's native country. **

                As Calvin and I are both originally from Kansas City, I feel obligated to agree with him (although Chicago is a *much* better food town than KC). We didn't become fans of UK Cadburys until our first visit to the UK back in 1990. The fiends put candy bar vending machines at every tube stop! :-)

          2. Hi!

            I have seen Flake and related candies at Sunset Foods in Highland Park.

            I realize your quest is for shops near CTA rather than Metra, but this may be meaningful information to someone!