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Aug 5, 2003 10:56 AM

Chicago Hounds Attending SF Picnic

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A few Chicago Hounds expressed interest in attending the San Francisco "Hundred Hound" picnic on October 4. Well, the invitation is now up and registration is open. If you are serious about coming, we suggest registering asap as we expect this event to sell out quickly. Here's the info:


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    Melanie Wong

    This is an addendum to Joan's announcement to ask that any inquiries about the picnic in San Francisco be directed to "" to be dealt with off-line to keep discussion on the board strictly chowcentric. The event website,, which can be reached via the post Joan linked above has a FAQ which can answer many of them.

    Linked below is the start of a discussion of your regional foods that can be shipped to the picnic - let's keep it going! We hope that some Chicago hounds will join us and make delivery in person too.

    Last week I tried a Chicago beef sandwich for the first time...out here, sadly, and not in the Windy City. I took a look at the site Aaron recommended to try to get a clue on what is considered typical. Now I know that what is called "gravy" is more like au jus (like the example I tried). But I want to understand the mystery of the peppers. When I was asked whether I wanted sweet or hot, I asked for some of both. What I got was a few thick strips of fire-roasted green bell peppers on the sandwich and a side of what seemed like oil-packed giardiniera. That little bit of condiment made the whole thing! It was a whole different kind of spicy hot and I loved the crispness of the carrots, peppers, celery, cauliflower, and other fresh-tasting veggies that hardly tasted processed or cooked at all. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of Italian beef posts here and wonder if you could you direct me to any particular threads on this board which might describe the ideal beef sandwich and more about these peppers?



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      Hi melanie,

      the best all in one rundown i know of is linked below -an old chi.eats post by ReneG

      the other thread specifically on giardinera that might be of interest is


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        Vital Information

        Holly Moore's site has mini-reviews and excellent pics of some of our beef stands


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          Are you sure you're allowed to link to Holly Moore's site?