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Apr 2, 2003 09:37 AM

Binny's wine sale

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Binny's location in Glen Ellyn is having a big sale on a bunch of French wines (mostly Bordeaux with a few white Burgundies). We were thinking of buying a few. Anyone have any input on the value of the following wines:

94 Ch Tour De Mons Margaux Reg. $21.99 now $6.99
94 Ch Smith Haute Lafite Reg. $17.99 now $8.99
96 Ch Le Jurat St. Emillion reg. $17.99 now $6.99
98 Chavy Puligny Montrachet Perrieres reg. $44.99 now $15.99
99 Matrot Bourgogne Blanc reg. $15.99 now $5.99

The full Binny's ad is in today's Tribune food section. If anyone spots some real deals besides the ones I listed, I would appreciate the lead.


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    I just saw that Binny's ad, and it looks like they're trying to move some old Bordeaux from mediocre-to-bad vintages to make room for the sought-after 2000 vintage stuff coming in now. Still, the $125 Petrus caught my eye. The '87 vintage was notoriously poor, but you won't ever see Petrus for that price, regardless of vintage. Parker gave it 90 points, so how bad could it be? Ask someone with an honest face about how it's been stored and whether there have been cork problems. What might tip the scales is if you or someone you know has a child born in 1987. It's a cool gift to give a birth-year Bordeaux on someone's 21st birthday--particularly a special one like Petrus.

    1. I don't know anything about the '94 vintage, and it's been some years since I tried Smith Haut Lafite, but the white used to be consistently excellent; the red considerably less so. On the other hand, I think the red was on a list of Wine Spectactor's top 100 a couple of years ago. See attached re 94 vintage in general, SHL in particular, for what it's worth.