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Mar 30, 2003 10:49 AM

Harry Carry Restaurant question.

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I went to Harry Carry's restaurant for dinner Saturday night. I looked outside at the building and wondered what this building was before? Does anyone know what occupied Harry Carry's restaurant years ago? Bye the way for a tourist attraction the place was'nt all that bad. I enjoyed looking at the memorabilia, it was an interesting place. Kad

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  1. The building that now houses Harry Caray’s Restaurant was designed by Henry Ives Cobb and completed in 1895. Cobb was also responsible for the Newberry Library and much of the original University of Chicago campus. It is designated a Chicago Landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. In the 1980s, before it became Harry Caray’s, I believe it was the Kinzie Steak House (or something similar). Originally it was the Chicago Varnish Company Building.


    1. If I recall correctly, it was called Kinzie House in the 1970's before it closed. Later, I believe it was called Miller's On Kinzie. It featured upscale meat and fish dishes, and it was a fairly elegant place, but not a temple of fine dining like Tru or Everest.

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        You are correct. After Kinzie Steak house closed (Canteen corp. decided to get out of the fine dining business) it was bought by Don Miller and became Miller's on Kinzie in 1979. It was the "sister" to the original Miller's Steak House on Western Ave. in Rogers Park, Chicago.
        These fine dining restaurants featured prime beef, seafood, etc. The ribs (regular and honey) and coleslaw were especially popular at the Western Ave restaurant.The Kinzie location was known for also having an elaborate salad bar and more formal atmosphere. It later was sold and became Harry Carays.