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Polish Sausage for Easter. A Deli?

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I was wondering if someone can suggest where in the Chicago area I could buy good Polish Sausage for a Easter Sunday meal? Can anyone suggest a delicatesan? Also there are two kinds of Polish sausage you can by that I remember as a kid is the Red Sausage and the White Sausage. My Family always bought the red which I beleive was smoked. How does the White Sausage taste? I live North so I was looking for a Deli North of Madison St. I am looking for Chicago locations and Northwest Suburban. Thanks KAD

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  1. Others may come up with more authentically Polish suggestions but Paulina Market, at Lincoln and Cornelia (not Paulina), certainly sells a lot of Polish sausage this time of year and everything they make is of very high quality.

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      Paulina's fresh Polish is really good - nice and garlicky. They also have polish garlic ham sausage (kaukowska? sp?) at this time of the year which is out of this world. Sounds odd but I highly recommend it. It's like really wonderful garlicky ham.

      Not a fan of the smoked but I bet they have it. They smoke all their own meats.

    2. You might try Kasia's on Chicago and Hoyne, or Ceasar's on Damen just a couple blocks north of Chicago. Also Bobak's is spoken of highly, I have not been, or Joe's Meat Market aka Joe the Sausage King on Western just north of Montrose.

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        Joe's Market at Western and Montrose has the BEST HUNGARIAN sausage in Chicago......throw em on the grill. Also, they have great Cevapcici.

      2. I haven't tried the sausage but a while back while eating at sphinx egyptian in Niles I noticed a place advertising homemade polish sausage right next door, this is also very close to Amy Joy's "best in Town" donuts

        Sphinx is at 8743 N. Milwaukee, Niles the polish sausage shop is just south of that. this may be closer to your area.

        There area number of polish delis along this northern stretch of milwaukee ave - do folks have any experience with these or favorites?

        1. I recommend Kurowski Sausage shop near Milwaukee and Central Park-- it has myriad types of kielbasa. It's a bit crowded just after church gets out.

          Link: http://www.networkchicago.com/citytal...

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            while we're on the polish meats subject, does anyone know the name of the polish bacon desribed in this post from the NY outer boroughs board, and where it can be had in town?

            Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

          2. Hi Kad. Re: red and white Polish sausage - as you say, I do believe that "red" is used to indicated smoked sausage and "white" to indicate fresh (non-smoked) sausage. I much prefer fresh sausage in general over smoked (smoking a sausage generally seems like overkill to me, the smoke flavor overwhelming what is essentially a mild and delicate food), and the mild, thyme-and-garlic flavor of fresh Polish sausage is a staple at my family's Christmas breakfasts and similar occasions.

            My grandparents lived in Milwaukee and they favored the fresh Polish sausage from that town's Klements Sausage Co. You should know that Klements is probably not the most prestigious sausage-maker in Milwaukee; it's a big commercial company. But having eaten it so often in childhood, theirs is now my model for fresh Polish sausage. I have not found a place in Chicago to equal the satisfaction theirs gives.

            However, I have it on excellent authority that Andy's Deli and Bakery - the original on Milwaukee Avenue in the traditionally Polish section of Avondale - makes very good fresh Polish, which I am eager to try.

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              I am a big fan of Andy's Polish sausage, not only pan fried or simmered with sauerkraut, but also 3-4 hours low and slow on my smoker. Andy Polish sausage is so good on a smoker that a BBQ friend of mine, who lives in South Bend, picks up 10-15 pounds every time he goes to Andy's.

              Speaking of BBQ and Andy's, I occasionally smoke boloney, sounds odd, tastes great, and Andy's large flavorful boloney really hits the spot after 3-4 hours low and slow on a smoker. Last time I smoked Andy's boloney I served it with coarse ground horseradish mustard and 5-year old Wisconsin cheddar, it was gone in about 15-minutes.

              Andy's is a full service Polish Deli, well worth a stop, though as Harry said, I prefer the original on Milwaukee Ave.


              Andy's Deli
              5438 N Milwaukee Ave
              Chicago, IL 60630
              Multiple locations

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                Gary, I'm with ya on Andies, but having lived for several years 2 blocks from the Division location, it's very good as well.

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                  I've been told by Poles in the area that the Division St location has fresher sausage, so I continue to shop there as well instead of the bigger Milwaukee store.

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                  geraldine adams



                  MR.& MRS. JOHN ADAMS
                  5253 HWY 70 W.
                  EAGLE RIVER, WI.

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                    Go to the Bobak's website---they sell sausage by mail order.

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                  Since someone has brought this old thread back to life, I will chime in that Andy's Deli, mentioned above, is still going strong and is the favorite of my wife's very choosy Polish family.
                  5442 N. Milwaukee Ave.
                  (note: when the lines get long, customers can get pretty aggressive, so don't be afraid to assert yourself . . . with a smile)

                4. Please! Please! Please!
                  I'm from Pittsburgh originally and I am now
                  displaced in a small town in Mississippi not
                  too far from where Elvis lives. I would love
                  to get hold of some excellent Polish sausage
                  for Easter. Do you by any chance ship out of
                  town. How about Easter hams?

                  1. Try Crawford Sausage Company at 2310 S. Pulaski Road - Phone (773) 277-3095. Open Mon-Fri 9AM - 3:30 PM, Sat. 8AM-Noon They make Daisy brand products and have quality Czech, Polish and Hungarian sausages. Have been in business for decades. Good prices, too. I live out of town and they send it to me via Fedex.

                    1. The white sausage is fresh and is the best of the 2 in my families opinion. The red is smoked....you should be able to ask any meat dept in Chicago for fresh or smoked polish sausage during this time of year especially...hope this helps

                      I work in the Meat Industry and sell the sausage casings so I do sell to the main stores as well as smaller deli's, they are plentiful at this time of year

                      1. You live north but you might want to go south to the Mother Lode of Polish (also many other kinds) sausage, Bobak's (store is in front, factory is in back). From Loop take 62 bus heading south on State Street---it will turn west on Archer and take you to Bobak's, 5275 S Archer. Bobak's website describes all the kinds of sausage they make. Another option is to go to the Shop & Save on S Archer at Linder, which has a deli counter about half a mile long and a huge deli department besides, all set up for this old Slavic neighborhood (take Orange Line to Midway Airport then the 62 Harlem bus about another 10 minutes west of there and get off at Linder). I seriously doubt there is a sausage made that isn't at one of these two sources.