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Feb 16, 2003 06:31 AM

Fat Tuesday

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a "Fat Tuesday" meal in the northwest suburbs? Thanks

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  1. StarLady,

    Not in the Northwest suburbs, but a few years ago we had an absolutely incredible Fat Tuesday meal at Chuck’s BBQ in Burbank. In fact my wife recently suggested that we set up a Chowhound excursion to Chuck’s for a Fat Tuesday celebration.

    Chuck’s is primarily known for BBQ, but Chuck also does Mexican and New Orleans style quite well. Chuck worked for Rick Bayless at Frontera for a number of years prior to opening Chuck’s BBQ, which is reflected in his BBQ sauce, which is complex and delicious, I am not a BBQ sauce fan, I feel it masks the flavor of good quality BBQ, but I really enjoy Chuck’s BBQ sauce.

    I also thought of Chuck’s when someone mentioned seeking extra large size wings in the recent Buffalo Wing thread, we had an appetizer of Buffalo Wings once at Chuck’s that were so darn large they looked as if they came from turkeys instead of chickens. I will say, with all deference to Chuck’s and everyone else’s favorite wings, that my absolute favorite Buffalo Wing in Chicago is at the original Yak Zies 506 W Diversey.

    I am linking to review I wrote in the newsgroup chi.eats of our Fat Tuesday meal at Chuck’s, for those not inclined to check the link, suffice to say it was memorable.