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Jan 20, 2003 01:19 PM

Lula's on Kedzie

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Has anyone on this board been there for dinner or brunch? How was it? Sounds interesting.

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  1. This is one of my favorite casual dinner spots. I haven't been there for brunch. They have two menus - the first is their "cafe" menu, which consists of several sandwiches and salads that are all generally good. It is available all the time.

    The second menu is the dinner "special" menu, which has three starters and three entrees (almost always 1 fish, 1 meat, and 1 veggie). The menu changes frequently. These items have been consistently good, rivaling any number of fancier restaurants in quality. Because the choices are so limited (I've never thought this was a problem here, though), you can't be a a picky eater. If you just can't force yourself to eat any of the special items, you can always order off the cafe menu.

    I'd offer specific reviews of the food, but its been about a month since I was last there - I'm due for a return visit.

    The atmosphere is very casual and the crowd tends to the younger Logan Square set. Best of all - its BYOB. I don't know if they take reservations - I've never tried to make one. Get there before 7 and you'll have no problem getting a table right away.

    The special menu items are priced in the upper teens/low twenties for the entrees and around $10 for the starters. Cafe menu items are cheaper.

    Bring a bottle of wine, and you can have an excellent dinner at an excellent value.

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      I would put Lula's brunch up against anybodies in Chicago....absolutely creative and phenomenal food. check out their website. The brunch specials should cost $30 each, they are that creative. Not your standard fare. We are talking organic foods, reductions, exotic asian items. I'm sorry this post is totally non-specific but Lula's bruch Specials (not their daily menu) is amazing. Take bongo room brunch and elevate it about 3 standard deviations and you have lula's.


    2. I have to disagree with the rave reviews on Lula. Granted, I've never been there for brunch, but I just don't see what all the hype is about. Every dish I've had there was just ok, some less than ok. I'm thinking specifically of the cold Thai noodle dish and the couscous, but perhaps I've only gone on off-nights. I remember the desserts being quite good, but that's the only real positive thing I can say about the place.

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        Lula is a mixed bag -- the items from the regular daily menu are cheap but mediocre -- over cooked pastas, boring couscous. The items from the special menu are sometimes fabulous but always overpriced. At breakfast, they have very good coffee, and the strata a sort of quichy egg dish is pleasant. Some people I've taken love the french toast, but it's a little thin and precious for my tastes.

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          I agree with you. But the brunch *specials* are totally many steps above. I am not too fond of the regular menu either.


        2. I was there for dinner a few months ago. I had a chicken breast because I was hungry and that was the most substantial thing they offered. It was mediocre at best. Dry and bland.

          Cute place and nice laid-back crowd, but the food at dinnertime left something to be desired.

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          1. re: Cocoa Nutz

            i've found the boulevard cafe, right around the square, is a much nicer place for dinner.

            i did enjoy the brunch at lula, but i only went once & it was a long time ago. i had some sort of skillet creation, with eggs, sweet potato and veggies. it was tasty, but obviously, not tasty enough to go back often!

          2. I went there over Thanksgiving weekend, visiting friends. Sweet neighborhood place with great atmosphere, but the food is not as great as everyone says. It was raved about in Chicago magazine in their 50 Best Chefs issue, and I was a bit surprised, because Chicago is a fantastic food city, and this was, well, overhyped. I had duck breast and duck confit, which was undercooked -- not just rare, but undercooked. The creamed spinach was very good, and the parsnips, were good, too, but few and far between. My friend's pork chops were gristly -- not a very good cut, and for $25, they should have been kickass. The salads are the restaurant's best features aside from the ambiance itself. But I don't think I'll go back, unfortunately, not when there are so many other fine places to try. Sigh. Was so looking forward to my dinner there, too.

            1. The Boulevard Cafe around the corner has been closed for years.

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              1. re: Didee

                this thread is also YEARS old; somebody really dug up on old piece of info here....

                also, i'm listed up there basically poo-poo'ing lulas, and now i live across the square & take all my out of town friends for brunch ;) still don't do lulas for dinner, but man, i've come to love the breakfast & lunch!

                and boulevard really went downhill fast during it's later years.....