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Nov 1, 2002 03:36 PM

New Kowloon Restaurant

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Has any been to New Kowloon Seafood Restaurant in the Pac Rim Center in Seattle? I woul really appreciate any opinions especially regarding their dim sum. Thanks.

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  1. Read the review in the Seattle PI from a few weeks ago. Penelope Corcoran, at least, was not much impressed.


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      Try it for yourself. Two of us had dim sum there three weeks ago. The room was full (a Wednesday), and we were two of the three Caucasions present. That day at least the dim sum topped anything I have had in Seattle, although I have not been to China Gate since it got two new chefs recently. If Ms. Corceron's criterion for good dim sum is that it be real hot (temperature, not spice), I suspect she does not have much experience with dim sum.

      1. re: Peter L

        Yeah I had a nice experience at New Kowloon two months ago, and there is a thread at link below about it.

        Your post brings back a funny memory. You mentioned how you were "one of only three caucasians" at the place. To me this doesn't mean much other than to bring back memories of living in Thailand as a kid, for years I was the only caucasian in most places and I got sick of it after awhile. Anyway, last summer I was at Lam's Seafood supermarket, just east of 12th in Little Saigon, getting a few things from their takeaway counter. In walked a bright-eyed, young wannabe hippie type with his similarly-clad girlfriend. They were beaming around at all the surroundings, and as he came up to the takeaway counter he looked at me, almost in horror, the look was so obvious to say "Oh No! A Caucasian! You Ruined This Whole Experience! I wanted to take my gal to a place where we'd be the Only Caucasians!!". Like a bad nursery rhyme. Well, I hope he enjoyed his takeaway. He can always move to Lopburi and have his dream come true.


    2. The New Kowloon in the Pacific Rim Center is now the "New Hong Kong."

      First time was grad night for Seattle HS students. About 1/3 full. Food was good (first time there) but vibe was a bit low energy. You know? The "happy and professional" staff thing was not evident.

      Tired tray of dim sum sat at one side and was not in service. But can't complain abojut a lucious salt and pepper dungeness at $11/lb, nice bbq duck, and serviceable mooshu pork.

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        It is now New Hong Kong and I think it's better than New Kowloon. NK was good at the beginning and then toward the end it wasn't quite as good. NHK is very good and has good prices. I will say that this if is a dim sum review. I haven't been for dinner but I did see some pretty nice looking dishes coming our for an afternoon banquet that was being servied near us. It would be worth a try for dim sum or dinner. It's probably as good as most Seattle Chinese places so take that for what it's worth.