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Nov 10, 2002 09:41 AM

Anyone remember Charlottes Pizza in Palatine?

  • k

Charlottes Pizza was a old building next to the Metra Tracks on Dundee and Northwest Hwy. When you were eating in Charlottes the train would go by and the building would shake. On Friday and Saturday nights the parking lot was full. They had a oval bar in the place where everyone waiting for a table or booth would stand around drinking long neck Old Style, or Miller Beer returnable bottles.
Anyway the pizza was fabulous. It was the kind of pizza you could eat all night long and not get full.Charlottes would sell a ton of Pizzas on weekends.Does anyone know why Charlottes closed? Someone told me they once saw the building moved down the street abandoned. It was family owned and I know they were making a profit.

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