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Oct 9, 2002 12:30 PM

Pullman, chowhound options?

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Now that the Hotel Florence is closed, what are the nearest chowhound options to Pullman?

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  1. Looking at a map online - I think that the Commercial avenue stretch that ReneG posted about is not THAT far.

    Also in that category would be top notch beef burger (95th & western)

    Attached is a link with some other ideas from Rene


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    1. re: zim

      Thanks for the suggestions. I feel a bit lazy for not doing a search first myself. It turns out Ricobene's is not so far either. I did a yahoo map 'nearest restaurant' search and found nothing I knew (besides fast food), but I am intrigued by some of the names. Anyone heard of...

      Taste of Chicago
      11103 1/2 S Michigan Ave.

      Lucky Lady Pub
      580 E 115th St

      Jean's-Lavera's Diner
      11012 S Michigan

      Taurus Flavors
      38 E 112th St

      Bilhah's Kitchen Two
      10658 S State

      Cajun Kiera
      11028 S Halsted

      KW Spice is Nice
      10536 S Halsted

      Sherinques Eggs on the Run (!)
      145 W 95th St

      All are within 2 miles from the center of this weekend's Pullman house tour, a once-a-year glimpse into the homes built for this planned 'company town'. It sparked an interest in Chicago history for me when I was a kid--so bring your kids!


      1. re: A Okrent

        One more choice not recently mentioned is Army and Lou's. It's a bit north of Pullman, but not that far and the ribs, catfish, sweet potatoes and peach cobbler are all top notch. BJ's Market as mentioned is also very good for soul food in a buffet/steam table setting. The buildings in the Pullman neighborhood are definitely worth checking out for anyone that has a mildly passing interest in architecture. Enjoy the house tour.

        Army & Lou's
        422 E. 75th St., Chicago
        Tel: (773) 483-3100

        1. re: tony

          And as long as you're on 75th, there's Vegetarian Soul food to be had. Great greens!

        2. re: A Okrent

          Here's another lead from an old thread which seems actually very close,

          and there's always calumet fisheries which is a little farther - somewhere down on the board there's another post from Rene about that one


        3. re: zim
          Rich Tradition

          I meant to post this in ReneG's thread on Commercial Avenue but never got around to it. Here's another place and it's only about ten minutes from Pullman.

          Casino Restaurant
          9706 S. Commercial Ave

          It's a neighborhood bar with a few tables that serves a full menu of Croatian food. Hearty eastern european fare with great soups and a killer lamb sandwich.


        4. v
          Vital Information

          I meant to mention this before, but coming from Hyde Park to Pullman, you could easily make it to BJ's Soul Food Emporium. Arika, I remmember your Bobak's kind of day, and I think you'd just as much enjoy a BJ's kind of day.

          I've linked to Rene's write-up (which includes a later visit by myself and family). Just below the BJ review on the board, is a write-up by Rene of a similiar soul food buffet in the same part of town.