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Aug 3, 2002 05:27 PM

Suzies on Montrose and Elston

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Hey all, the greaziest joint in Chicago has got to be Suzies hot dog stand on Montrose Ave. and Elston. This place has been around longer than Mayor Daley and probably has a hundred kinds of milkshakes (some sound really gross) but for the most part, they have some good food. They are even open 24 hours. I am recommending this place for my favorite meal....the double bacon cheeseburger. Be careful, when you order a bacon Cheeseburger with everything, they will give you a double cheeseburger, bacon, mayo, ketchup, mustard, grilled onions, cucumbers and cheese (they might put some other junk on it but I can never tell) It is to die for, the fries are awesome too! Happy chowing!

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  1. Inclined to agree here. Suzie's has some of the best Italian beef I've ever eaten. It's sloppy and full of flavor. Love their chili tamales and their pizza puffs. Nasty, greasy food but so good! I had a friend who drove in from Lisle for their fries.

    BTW, I'm new here. Name's dargie. Hello.