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Jul 26, 2002 06:14 AM

Looking for Honduran Restaurant-Belizean Conch Fritters

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Are there any Honduran Restaurants in Chicago? Also looking for name/location of Belizean Restaurant on Northside that sells Conch Fritters. The restaurant was featured in the Tribune some months back.

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  1. I while back I asked about a honduran spot on N. Clark about 6800 that i don't know the name of.

    i think there's also salon garcia at about sacramento (?) and armitage

    belizean there's a few spots in rogers park I think the one mentioned in the trib article was Tickies. San's was mentioned in a recent post if you scroll down a little bit

    Almost all of em have a larger menu than what actually there, personally I like flower's pot the best.

    Tickie's Belizean Cuisine
    7605 North Paulina
    (773) 973-3919

    San's Belizean Soul Food
    2223 W. Howard St.
    (773) 743-0566

    Flower's Pot Belizean
    7328 N. Clark St
    (773) 761-4388

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      Zim wrote:
      "Almost all of em have a larger menu than what actually there, personally I like flower's pot the best."


      Flower's Pot is one of my favorites as well, though I always qualify my recommendation by saying that Flower's Pot is not the place to go is one is in a hurry or the least little bit impatient.

      Last time we were there the owner was having a birthday party in the restaurant for her niece and we seemed to be last in line after her niece, sisters, niece’s friends and the customers she already knew. This is in conjunction with typically slow service, though somehow she managed not to alienate us, mainly because she seems to be a genuinely nice person and the food is excellent.


      Flowers Pot Restaurant
      7328 N Clark St
      Chicago, IL 60626

    2. I'm 99% sure Flower's Pot is the one you're thinking of - it got one of those 4 fork reviews in the Trib about a year ago. (see zim's post below for location).

      I've had the conch fritters there, and they are very tasty. Good flavor, nice crispy fried outside, mmmmmmm.......