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Jul 9, 2002 06:06 PM

Best Italian Beef near O'Hare

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Please recommend the best good Italian Beef sandwich place close to O'Hare.

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  1. Don’t know if it’s close enough to O’Hare but I always liked Roma’s on Cicero near Montrose. Good beef, good sausage, solid all around.

    When looking up Roma’s address I was surprised to see "Roma’s The Original" listed. I think this is a place I used to frequent but haven’t been to for ages. From their website,, it seems they’re under new management. If the beef’s as good as it used to be it’s definitely worth a visit. I hope to get over there soon and see how it is these days. Anyone been recently?

    Roma’s Italian Beef & Sausage
    4237 N Cicero Av

    The Original Roma’s
    6161 N Milwaukee Av

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      steve drucker

      Johnnies on North Ave west a ways from Harlem

      Many, many posts here about Johnnies

      but we're talking needing a car to get there, maybe 15 minutes from O'hare.

    2. I would consider Johnny's and Buona Beef to both be near O'Hare, just shoot down River Road and hang a left onto North Ave, to end up at either place.


      1. Doesn't anybody but me like Jay's Italian beef? [or as we often say here on the NW side, beefs?] I'll admit that the gardinera mix at Buona's is superior, but, frankly, I find Johnny's over-rated. Jay's beefs seem to be a slightly better cut of beef; very tender but not the over-cooked beef mush you often get at a beef stand, and their gardinera is mixed with a hefty dose of fresh celery, which I find to completely enhance the beef experience. [As a tacky aside and play on the line from "Airplane", I like my men like I like my Italian beef sandwiches...sweet and extra hot....but I digress.] Sausage may be better at Johnny's, but not by much. No ices, unfortunately. There's a Jay's on Irving between Manheim and River Rd. [much closer to the airport than anything mentioned so far], and another one at Narragansett just north of Montrose [which can be quick to get to from the airport if you take I-90 to Nagle and go south].