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Jul 3, 2002 10:30 AM

Kosher butcher in Chicago?

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I'm new to this board. Is there a kosher butcher in the city? I tried a search and didn't have any success. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Welcome...I don't know what part of Chicago you are living in, but these are all all north...

    Good Morgan Fish
    2948 W. Devon
    Chicago, IL 60659
    (773) 764-8115
    Fish, also some salads

    Romanian Kosher Sausage Co.
    7200 N. Clark
    Chicago, IL 60626
    (773) 761-4141
    Butcher with some bakery & groceries

    Hungarian Kosher Grocery
    4020 W. Oakton
    Skokie, IL 60076
    (847) 674-8008
    Full service grocery with butcher

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      Good Morgan is closed. I live 2 blocks from it & there is a green sign saying its closed,I think for good but i'm not sure.It looks like they lost there lease.

      1. re: maddey65

        Thanks for the update.

        You can try checking this list of kosher food stores in Chicago for others:

        1. re: nsxtasy

          The definitive list of kosher in Chicago is from the CRC (Chicgao Rabbinic Council) -

    2. the attached list might help. I have no experience with any place on the list for meat


      1. I don’t often buy kosher meat, though when I do I use Main St Kosher in Skokie. Excellent poultry, especially the capons, and the kishka is quite delicious, almost like my grandmothers, and she is a great cook.


        Main St Kosher Meat & Poultry
        4004 Main St
        Skokie, IL 60076

        1. The Roumanian Kosher shop on Clark and Touhy has the greatest garlic hot dogs in creation.

          1. I would think there would be some more on Devon Ave. Or you could ask at some of the other Kosher places(bakery, etc) on Devon, to find out where they recommend. I think Devon Ave. used to be all/mostly Jewish places - it was one of the old Jewish neighborhoods. Now it is very diverse and there are only a few. I have a friend from Pakistan who buys his "halal" meat on Devon.