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Jun 2, 2002 01:21 AM


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Who can give me some basics on good tequila? I've never been a great tequila or margerita drinker, but my dad is a fan and I thought I'd try to get him a special bottle of Tequila. Trouble is, I don't know what a "special" bottle of Tequila would be.

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  1. My favorite is Riserva De la Familia ( a Cuervo Product) it is about 85-100 dollars a bottle. If you want to try something a little lower priced, my Sam's club just got in a 3 1/2 bottle (375ml) gift pack of Don Julio ( Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo ) which are translated roughly as young, rested and aged for 40 dollars. This will allow you the 3 primary styles of tequila at the same time rather than buying a 750ml of each. Another suggestion is to go to a large liquor store in your area and look for their selection of 50ml (airline minatures) of premium tequila (Don Julio , 1921, corazon, milagro, Cabo Wabo ....) this will allow you to try a wide variety without putting a big dent in your pocketbook.

    1. There are a lot of really good tequilas out there. Do you know anything of your dad's preferences? If not, a gift pack might make sense. And Blanco means white, not young. A white tequila is aged in glass or wax-lined barrels to prevent the colors and flavors of oak from infuencing the alcohol. A Reposado has been aged six months to a year, and Anejo has been aged at least a year. I personally prefer a nice golden Anejo.

      1. In looking for good Tequila there's one bit of information that is essential. The words "100% Blue Agave", in the US there are many many many different types of Tequila, and many many many of them are not 100% blue agave. Real tequila, real good tequila is always 100% blue agave, the agave plant is the basis of real tequila. Most tequilas that don't say 100% Blue Agave are around 50% plus or minus water and sugar, resulting in a bad taste and a quick hangover. So I state yet again, if you're going to get real tequila it has to say "100% Blue Agave", otherwise it's not worth it. Oh and my vote is for Don Julio, definitly my tequila of choice, the Riserva De la Familia is good, but I've heard many mixed reviews about it partially due to the fact that it's by Cuervo.

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        1. I second the El Tesoro. It has great flavor and is less expensive than better-known brands.

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