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May 25, 2002 08:57 PM

Shoarma or Shwoarma or???

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This is what I ate in Amsterdam (2 or 3 per day) "Shoarma is very thinly sliced lamb mixed w/some spices and then put into a warm pita w/some shredded lettuce and diced tomato. A sweet mayo-like sauce w/herbs was then offered to go with it or you could choose a VERY hot red chili sauce. I liked the mayo sauce."

Here in the Chicago area I've only had Shoarma at two places: The Pita Inn on Golf Road in Skokie (very disappointing) and the Falafel King on Oakton in Skokie (beef only, no lamb (owner says he has not sourced a lamb supplier yet), would rate it as good), these two places served their shoarma with a tahini sauce but neither of these places came even close to the heavenly shoarma of Amsterdam.

Any Shoarma fans out there and where are your places in Chicago that you like? I prefer lamb, but the beef is OK, seeing as the best shaorma I can find so far is a beef version at Falafel King

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  1. I tried Shawerma King Friday night for the first time, and it was delicious...I'm pretty sure it's been referenced on this board before. Only chicken and beef, no lamb. Don't know how it compares to other places.

    Shawerma King
    4639 N. Kedzie

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      There are a lot of great places for Shwarma in Chicago.
      Two good restaurants in Andersonville are Andies and Rezas. They both have other mediterranean specials as well.

      There are several good restaurants for kabob which is basically shwarma,just not served in sandwich form. I would try Noon-o-kebab on N. Kedzie & Leland (sit down restaurant) or Delhi Darbar on California just north of Devon (kind of greasy takeout). Both are fabulous!!

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        Its been awhile but I loved the chicken shawarma sandwich at Olive Mountain in Evanston. It was a nice portion of moist, spit-roasted chicken on pita w. onions, a tahini type of sauce and a tasty sprinkling of some purple concoction which I took to be pomegranite based(?).

    2. what you had in amsterdam sounds very similar to what I used enjoy in brussels - only I recall they used to call them gyros there. they were NOT like the food item WE call gyros! It was slabs of beef and/or lamb meat stacked on a vertical roasting spit - not that smooth, processed-meat cylinder you see here at gyro places.

      the closest thing I've come across around here is the "doner kabob" sandwich at Anatolia Kabob on lincoln. it's a little drier, though. I'm not sure if it's beef or lamb.

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