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Aug 27, 2002 07:14 PM

Pub in Tacoma

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Looking for a "nice" pub in Tacoma...something along the lines of the Hilltop on Queen Anne, The Latona, Good Pub Food, fresh Pints....and maybe a TV for watching a game.

any pointers ?????

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  1. Gotta try Harmon Brewery on Pacific next to UW Tacoma campus. Great microbrew (try the IPA, like that one the best), some pretty decent pub grub, pizza, fish and chips and messy burgers. They've got tv screens and an attentive staff. Nice brewpub atmosphere.

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      I don't think the food at the Harmon is all that great. four of us ate there the other day and the food was very dry and overcooked. the salad was best. Try the Swiss, the Spar, or the Tides in Gig Harbor.

    2. The Parkway, great pub food and excellent taps. The Red Room at The Parkway has a bigger T.V. and is usually a little quieter..

      1. Maltbird, Engine House #9 is a classic pub. Their fish tacos are pretty good and they have an excellent selection of beers. The Swiss is another option (good clams). I've never had a good food experience at The Harmon.

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          You are sooo right about The Harmon. This place has such potential.

        2. how about Shenanigans? If you get tired of watching the game, there's always the views out onto the water

          1. The Parkway Tavern is a great place for food and beer. The beer is some of the best in town and the food is good and very fresh pub grub. To get way from the crowd walk back past the bathrooms to the "Red Room". Usually quieter and the only T.V. in the place you can hear.