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Apr 27, 2002 12:48 PM

Takkatsu, Winnetka

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Zim had inquired about Takkatsu earlier. Went last night. Damn fine! My comments (in Reader Rater format):

Takkatsu serves the best tonkatsu in Chicagoland. Period! Now what's tonkatsu? Tonkatsu is pork cutlet that's been breaded, fried, and served with sliced, raw cabbage and a sweet sauce of soy, sake, ketchup, and worcestershire. This is manna to many Japanese. At Takkatsu, it has various incarnations: served atop rice with egg and sweetened soy (katsu juu) or with a thick curry gravy (katsu curry), to name a few. Regardless, trust that your katsu will be prepared with care and reverence. "This is it!" declare those who know tonkatsu. Sushi and other standards are also offered, but why bother? In its front window, Takkatsu goes so far as to display plastic food models of its offerings--a practice de rigueur in Japan and one that will have you salivating before walking in the door. Service is scattered but means well.

45 Green Bay Rd.
Winnetka, IL Tel. 847-784-9031

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  1. I tried out takkatsu too but didn't post about it 'cause I'm not sure that we had the best circumstance to try it. On a wednesday night fairly early it may be the quietest restaurant I have ever been in, which if you have two kids with you who are in a fairly feisty mood is not always a good thing.

    I liked the tonkatsu but I may not have been a receptive mood to say if it was the best example i have ever tasted. It's not dirt cheap but it is what passes for in Winnetka (7.95 I think for the tonkatsu fillet)

    I thought there were a couple bits in the history of tonkatsu that is inserted in the menu that were interesting. On the recent condiment controversy - ketchup (their spelling) is often an ingredient in the sauce mixture, but on mustard "this condiment is considered essential in japan either instead of or in addition to the sauce"

    and the fact that there are more than 10,000 tonkatsu restaurants in japan