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Apr 23, 2002 05:53 PM

After theatre drinks/lightfare

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Where to go with a group of 8 after a show at the Goodman? Lively, but not so much as it hampers conversation. Thanks

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  1. It might not be Chowhound fare but its the best bargain in the city, the late night bar menu at McCormick & Schmick, about 12 items each for a $1 including a huge cheeseburger, in addition to mussels, quesadillas, etc. Starts after 11PM I think.

    1. If you like wine here are a couple suggestions of places not far from the Goodman. Even if you don’t like wine, either of these would still be a nice place to stop after the theater.

      Just across the bridge from the Goodman is Bin 36, a place I’ve mentioned several times. The lounge area has a mix of tables, booths, and sofas and would probably work well for a group of 8. It’s sort of elegant/industrial décor and is usually fairly lively but not overly loud or smoky. They have a well-chosen list of 50 wines by the glass that top out around $12, the standard cocktails, and a limited draft beer selection. There’s a pretty good selection of snacks like interesting cheeses, house-made pates, and small pizzas. They also serve some more substantial dishes and desserts which I haven’t tried.

      Another good place that’s vaguely similar is Randolph Wine Cellars, right across the street from one sixtyblue (this would be a short cab ride from the Goodman). Like Bin 36, wine is the big reason to come but there’s plenty of other good stuff. It’s a little darker and quieter than Bin 36 and the upstairs room would be good for a group. This room is very nice, with big windows facing the skyline. It used to be much more open but now they have filled it with all kinds of sofas and chairs (looks like a furniture showroom, said a friend). A great selection of 50 wines by the glass, topping out at about $25 (a fair choice in the $5 range too). The thing to remember is on Monday all by-the-glass wines are half price. Food is limited to cheese, pates, and desserts. I haven’t eaten anything here but I bet it’s good.

      Bin 36
      339 N Dearborn St

      Randolph Wine Cellars
      1415 W Randolph St

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        The Randolph Wine Cellars is also known as The Tasting Room. As Rene said, a goodly selection of wines by the glass. Full bar, too, priced at a premium. I can testify... the noshes are good.

        Erik M.

      2. Thanks everyone!!! It will be one of those!