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Mar 31, 2002 09:40 AM

Cambodian Restaurants?

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Does anyone have any information/insights on any Cambodian restaurants in Chicago?

I've heard rumblings about a place called Teevy rumoured to be on N Broadway, but can't find further reference to it.


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  1. there's a chinese/cambodian takeout place on broadway. it's near the tattoo factory and aldi (between sunnyside and montrose) enjoy!

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    1. re: tom

      Hey tom,

      What's the name? Have you eaten there? If so, what was good?

      One other board/tech kinda suggestion, if you could post with a more distinctive name (maybe a last initial or name or something a little different) we would be able to distinguish you from any other tom who happens to surf in.

      thanks for the tip.

    2. v
      Vital Information

      I was lucky enough last night to be offered some offerings from Teevy Cafe, our town's lone Cambodian noshery. So, to this thread, let me say, best Cambodian in town!

      I sampled two dishes: a beef stew and a spicy ground chicken stir fry. You would expect these dishes to bear similiarities to Vietamese and Thai, and they do, but not as much as you would think. The beef stew was soupier than the Vietamese version and spiced much more like something Pakistani than anything (a new re-occuring theme of mine, foods that remind me of Pakistan). The chicken stir fry had a strong undercurrent of fish sauce, but was a bit heavier and oiler than a similiar dish. Both dishes were spicy, but in a full flavored way, not in a direct chili induced way.

      The Cambodian menu is limited to 23 items, but the owner is reportedly expanding. I'm anxious to try more.


      Teevy Cafe (pronounced thay-vee, meaning heavenly or angelic in Cambodian--their words not mine)
      4418 N. Broadway
      "Between the Aldi and the tattoo parlor"