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Mar 30, 2002 02:47 AM

Pho my information

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Fellow Chowhounds,

First off, thanks are in order. A chowhound buddy recommended BA LE, and since that time I have had to satisfy that craving at least twice a month. (by buying enough sandwiches to last a good 4 days--and they're STILL good) ANYWAY, my gf and I finally had the time to waltz around Argyle St. and I was hoping someone could recommend the best place for some Pho.

Finally, are there any other Vietnamese sandwich/bakeries besides BA LE? (not that they could be much better--was just wondering) Oh yeah, the entrees at BA LE are great too, not that that kept my gf from making lightwork of my sandwich too, just wanted to pass along the info.

Thanks again for people's time and info.


P.S. Finally got my Jah Jhang Mien at Chang's on W. Lawrence, just down the street from the giant Korean grocery store at the Lawrence Ave exit. Was just ok, but seemed better since it was no less than two years since my last taste of the stuff.

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  1. I'm partial to Pho 777. The link below is an account of my first visit there.

    Erik M.


    1. On the bahn mi front - they do 'em up and down the block (VI has previously recommended the ones at vinh phat around the corner on sheridan) There's even one on argyle near the intersection with broadway that advertises 6 sandwiches for $10 for your bulk needs.

      I've always liked the pho at pho hoa (good broth, lots of herbs on the herb plate) but my research on the issue isn't exhaustive - for example i haven't had the offerings of nha trang or cong ly (I think that's the one with the train on the sign) Pho hoa has a web site with their menu which I'll attach.

      I also tried out the Jah Jhang Mien (actually the gun jhang mein) at Great Seas - many were eating it there but it didn't do a whole lot for me


      1. Relatedly - someone mentioned that one of the beef soups at Joy Yee's was nearly Pho, or nearly as good as Pho, or very good for a non Pho place, or something - which of course I can't find the reference to now.

        Which soup was that? I got one of their Korean Beef soups (Spicy beef with thin noodle?) at the Evanston location, and while it was tasty, the meat was almost 100% gristle, except for the stringy stuff. It is supposed to be? They saw me struggling and brought me a knife! (the pieces were impossible to chew small enough to swallow, due to gristle and stringy stuff)

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          the pho at joy yee has pretty nice broth (its called beef noodle soup there) and you can order it special with tripe, beef balls, etc, or with just rare beef, or with well done beef. However what you do not get at joy yee is the plate full of herbs, the lime etc. Actually they are kind of proud of their pho there (when i went with a co-worker they cajoled her into ordering with rare instead of well-done beef with the words "its our specialty')

          I would put it in the category of very good for a non-pho place