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Mar 25, 2002 03:35 PM

Braciole - Cas & Lou's

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There once was an Italian place called Cas & Lou's, around Irving Park Road. It had wonderful braciole. I had it some 25 years ago and still remember its taste. Does anyone know if the place still exists, or if not, where the best braciole is?

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  1. I have had pretty good luck with the braciole at Salernos on Grand Avenue. Approx. 1100W on the south side of the street, just east of the Grand/Ogden light. Good old family style Italian American place. Generous portions reasonably priced.

    1. Cas & Lou, formerly at 3457 W Irving Park Rd, closed several years ago.

      If there’s better braciole to be had than at Jimmy’s Place I’d love to hear about it. Jimmy’s Place, at 7411 W Madison in Forest Park, has been mentioned several times on this board.